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airecontact-call-center-softwareA common myth about human beings is that we only use 10 percent of our brains. While that’s not true for us, it is an unfortunate fact for many cloud contact center solutions. Businesses often implement cloud solutions in their contact centers solely as a way to reduce costs without considering the many other benefits provided. These organizations fail to realize the full potential of a cloud contact center solution and consequently miss out on advantages such as:

  • Omni-channel communications
  • Seamless scalability
  • Real-time reports and monitoring
  • Flexibility to work from anywhere

If your cloud contact center software is not delivering all of these benefits, then what should you do? Here are five key steps for anyone seeking to obtain the greatest possible advantage from their cloud contact center solution:

  1. The role of cloud contact center software is ultimately to assist with your business processes and make the operation of your contact center smoother. If your business processes and your software are not working together, then it’s time to change one of them. First make certain that you have a successful process in place. After that, find software that provides the tools to support that process.
  2. Training, training, training. It’s essential that everyone who uses the cloud contact center software is trained on how to use it and the various features it offers. This training should include standard practices to ensure all employees are following the same process. New employees should be trained as they come on board and regular refresher trainings should be used to ensure all employees are up to date.
  3. Keep the software updated. A huge advantage of cloud solutions is the ongoing support from the service providers. Ensure that you have the latest version of the software available so that you aren’t missing out on new features that could benefit both your agents and customers.
  4. Run quality control on all data that is put into your software. If your contact center deals with a huge number of customers every day, then it is essential that you don’t let your records get out of date. Make sure that you clean up contact lists before they are imported and keep them updated. This improves the productivity of your contact center and also provides a better customer experience, as any agent can step in to assist a client and have their latest information ready to go.
  5. Administer the software. Even though cloud contact center software doesn’t have the maintenance demands of on-premises hardware, it is important to invest some time to make sure the solution is working properly and that everyone is following best practices in using it. This little bit of extra effort will pay off in a big boost in productivity.

Don’t settle for just using 10 percent of your cloud contact center. Take advantage of the full power offered by the cloud to improve sales, productivity, and the customer experience.