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Customer Experience in the Contact CenterHow does your business differentiate itself from competitors? If the answer is price or product, then it may surprise you to learn that customers are increasingly making purchase decisions based on the service they receive. A positive customer experience will keep clients coming back, while a negative one will push them into the arms of competitors, even if those other companies can’t match you on price or product quality.The customer experience is now a core part of many sales and a business’ relationship with its clients is crucial to differentiating itself and succeeding in the market. This trend is expected to become more and more pronounced as the number of communication channels grow and customers become more connected than ever before. Here are five ways that AireContact cloud hosted contact center software can help position your contact center to deliver an exemplary customer experience.
1. Help customers help themselves
Today’s customers are used to having a world of information at their fingertips and the last thing they want is to sit on hold to get answers to their questions when they don’t need to. AireContact provides IVR flows and an auto attendant feature to handle basic contact center interactions, allowing customers to easily navigate menus to find the information they need. You can also provide common answers to frequently asked questions on your website to further help customers self-serve their own requests.
2. Focus on high level support
While customers want to be able to find answers to basic questions on their own, there are still times when they need live support from an agent to handle a complex request. Because self-service options reduce the number of less complex calls, agents are freed up to focus on real issues that require the skilled touch of an experienced agent. By using AireContact’s multi-tasking ability, agents can move between roles and handle simultaneous interactions across multiple channels, providing the coverage to support customers with the high quality help that they need.
3. Solve issues before they become issues
Few things impress a customer as much as getting what they need before they even have to ask. By monitoring calls and analyzing interaction data, you can anticipate big picture trends in your contact center. AireContact offers full real-time and historical reports to give you the insight needed to position your contact center to proactively and intelligently assist customers.
4. One and done resolution
When customers do need assistance, your task is to make it as smooth a process as possible. Customers are just as busy as you and they don’t have time to be navigating complicated menus or calling back multiple times. To deliver a positive experience to today’s customers, your contact center has to focus on resolving issues on the first call. With AireContact’s skills-based routing, customers are connected to the most skilled agent for their particular need, ensuring a higher level of customer care and first contact resolution.
5. Ensure a consistent experience
You can’t control how customers will reach out to you. What you can do is ensure your contact center delivers an excellent customer experience regardless of channel. Whether the interaction is via phone, email, web chat, social media, or another channel, your contact center needs to be ready. AireContact equips your contact center with omni-channel capabilities and streams all interactions into a blended queue for consistent and outstanding service regardless of channel.