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The other day I received a call from an unknown number. My hunch told me it was going to be a survey or a salesperson. But for some reason, I wanted to answer the call.  There was something about the number that made me want to pick up. What was it about the number I liked so much?
It had my hometown area code.
People respond well to familiar things. Think of how excited you become when you learn that someone you just met went to the same college as you, or has the same taste in music. This psychological feature that makes us like familiar things applies to everyone and everything.
That’s why I picked up. Even though I knew it was probably a sales call, I still answered the phone because I saw a familiar area code.
You might be thinking, so what do you suggest? That I buy a whole bunch of local numbers?
Yes. Well, don’t buy them actually. There are cheaper and more effective ways to accomplish the same effect. Instead of buying numbers, many contact center providers will offer “fresh presence DIDs”.
With fresh presence DIDs, you can call other parts of the country, and your number will appear as a local regional number to the person you are calling. You don’t have to buy a new phone, or change the number you currently use. If you are calling a New York number from a Los Angeles number, whoever is on the other end in New York will see a regional New York number pop up when you call. Even though you’re thousands of miles away. And even though you are not local.
Anyone who makes outbound calls around the country can instantly see the benefits of this technology. Whether you’re a collection agent, telemarketer, or a salesperson, you know how hard it is to get people to answer the phone. And you probably experience better luck getting people to answer when you call people in your local area.
Fresh presence DIDs make you appear familiar, all the time.
Who knows, maybe the guy who called me was using the same trick. It doesn’t matter. The fact remains: by using a familiar area code, he got me to pick up and hear out his pitch.
Speaking of a pitch, if you want to get fresh presence for your call center, or office, feel free to reach out to us at 1-800-449-3026. It’s pretty affordable, and easy to get installed.