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Forms Largest LD / Local Footprint In Industry

Los Angeles, CA – July 7, 2005 – AireSpring, Inc. today announced the addition of MCI to their existing underlying providers. With the addition of MCI , AireSpring now provides the largest combined nationwide footprint for T-1 based Long Distance and Local services.  MCI owns, operates, monitors and maintains  the world’s farthest reaching global network and spans more than 4,500 Points of Presence (POPs) throughout the world, including high-capacity connections to more than 102,000 active buildings Their 98,000-mile fiber optic network is designed to support the largest array of data communications and voice products in the world.

In addition to offering MCI dedicated long distance service, AireSpring is also adding the MCI local services CLEC network, which significantly expands the AireSpring local service offering to 66 national markets and 38 states.

AireSpring Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Daniel Lonstein emphasized the range of service his company now provides. “The MCI network is one of the largest global telecommunications networks.  By adding MCI to our network footprint, we are now able to effectively combine four of the largest global fiber optic networks for our customers and agents.”

At the same time, AireSpring has completely restructured its rates and commission tables and released a highly advanced and proprietary dedicated order tracking system that is the most extensive, most up-to-the-minute and simplest way for an agent to stay on top of the exact progress of each order.

About AireSpring

AireSpring is a privately held, 100% debt free, diversified full service communications company offering a broad range of innovative services at competitive prices to corporate and residential customers nationwide. AireSpring is one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies in the United States and was recently mentioned in such publications as Business Week and the Boston Globe as one of the leading discount telecom providers in the nation. AireSpring can be reached at: 818-786-8990.

About MCI®

MCI today owns and operates some of the world’s most complex and sophisticated custom networks, delivering value for a wide variety of customers and more than 75 U.S. federal government agencies. We also are a premier provider of audio, video, and Net conferencing services that enable customers to meet and collaborate remotely to effectively conduct business anywhere, anytime.

MCI is the United States’ second largest long distance company for residential customers. In April 2002, MCI launched The Neighborhood built by MCI, the industry’s first truly any-distance, all-inclusive offering combining local and nationwide long distance calling from home to consumers for one low monthly price. The Neighborhood continues MCI’s pioneering tradition, which has been based on opening up monopoly markets and providing innovative services to consumers nationwide.