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AireSpring Backs Its New Product Line With Own FacilitiesLos Angeles, California – April 10, 2008 — AireSpring, multiple award-winning provider of telecommunications services, today announced the launch of a complete suite of facilities based VoIP and SIP Trunking products aimed at theSMB and enterprise business markets. The suite is particularly unique in the telecom industry due to its strategic design, aggressive pricing, quick deployment and seamless scalability from as low as 15 to more than 5000 business lines.
Daniel Lonstein, AireSpring COO, stated, “Today’s businesses are at a pivotal point technologically. The early adopters have new SIP-enabled IP PBX equipment but the majority of businesses are still using traditional phone systems. We are thrilled to be able to offer a product line that not only supports the most advanced next generation IP phone systems but also allows millions of businesses the option of leveraging the investment in their existing phone system while receiving the lower costs and advanced services available with VoIP technology.”
Lonstein says his company’s product launch marks a new era for VoIP services. “A key ingredient is our ability to offer our suite of VoIP services over our own nationwide, managed private IP backbone. We therefore eliminate many of the quality issues that have traditionally plagued VoIP services and have hindered widespread adoption of VoIP in the business segment. Our enterprise business customers demand quality that matches traditional, circuit-switched telephone services, and we are now positioned to provide that to them.”
Mr. Lonstein added that the suite offers many enhanced services which were previously unavailable or prohibitively expensive using traditional telephone services. “For instance, AireSpring offers local service in places where few or no competitive local services are currently available. In addition, customers may order phone numbers almost anywhere in the U.S. and in dozens of key international cities at a nominal additional charge.”
Lonstein continued, “For example, if a business in Omaha has clients in Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Hong Kong, they can deploy local phone numbers in all those locations which will ring back to their offices in Omaha at no additional per minute charge. Thus even smaller companies can have the global presence of a Fortune 500 multinational.”
The product suite includes Local SIP Trunking, Local T-1/PRI, Local Integrated T-1/PRI (dynamically allocated), Managed Private IP Port for SIP Trunking without internet access, Dynamically Allocated Managed Private IP Port for SIP with internet access, Dedicated Internet Access (DS-1 and Bonded DS-1) and Ethernet Extreme internet access and the previously releasedB LD VoIP / SIP TrunkingB product.
About AireSpring
Headquartered in Los Angeles, AireSpring is one of the fastest growing telecommunications carriers in the USA, with over 2 billion call records processed per year. AireSpring is a privately held, 100% debt free, diversified and full service communications company offering a broad range of innovative services at competitive prices to corporate and residential customers nationwide. AireSpringb’s national local service offering makes AireSpring the nation’s largest CVNO (CLEC Virtual Network Operator) and AireSpring has been mentioned favorably in such publications as Business Week and the Boston Globe as one of the leading discount telecom providers in the nation. AireSpring has been voted by its peers in the Telecomm Association as the ‘Members Choice’ top reseller for three consecutive years (2006-8). To date, Airespring has set the record for more Telecom Association awards (11) than any other carrier/reseller. AireSpring has also received the Reader’s Choice Award from Phone + magazine. For more information, visit