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First major provider to offer Teleblock do-not-call filter for VOIP

Secaucus , NJ – Sept 27, 2007 – AireSpring, a major US telecommunications carrier headquartered in Los Angeles, today announced at the Channel Partners Conference and Expo in Secaucus, NJ its first facilities based VOIP product: a SIP trunking service with versions specifically tailored to call centers, enterprises, and telecommunications carriers.

This comprehensive SIP Trunking product allows customers with IP enabled telecommunications equipment to connect directly to AireSpring’s next generation VOIP network for call transmission and termination. According to Daniel Lonstein, AireSpring’s Chief Operating Officer, customers have the option of “connecting via a private IP backbone or public internet connection,” and the service “enables an end-to-end all IP network for PSTN call termination or toll-free origination.” Additionally, AireSpring is offering comprehensive U.S. DID availability as well as International DIDs from over 40 countries worldwide.

“The primary challenge we faced in building this product over the past 2 years was developing a network infrastructure that could support the intensive dialing patterns that are unique to the call center environment,” said Lonstein. “Almost all the carrier grade VOIP switching equipment and session border controllers were designed for standard call patterns – they simply don’t support the high intensity characteristics of call center traffic,” he said, adding that AireSpring tested numerous vendors’ gear before finally arriving at its current multi-vendor solution.

In addition, Lonstein said AireSpring is the first major provider to offer the Teleblock do not call filter service for VOIP. Teleblock is a service offered by Call Compliance, Inc., in partnership with major telecommunications providers. The service helps outbound call centers comply with Federal and State Do Not Call Legislation by blocking calls to consumers on the respective Do Not Call lists. “Every time a call is made, the service does a database lookup and blocks the call if the destination number is listed on the Do Not Call list,” said Lonstein. “While the service exists on a number of TDM/Circuit Switched networks, we are incredibly proud that AireSpring is the first major provider to offer the Teleblock service for VOIP.”

Customers using a public internet connection to access the AireSpring network can be turned up in 24 – 48 hours. “We do a short interop (interoperability) test with the customer and they are ready to go,” said Lonstein. “Compared to dropping DS-1 or DS-3 circuits and the traditional turn-up process, it’s so much more efficient. Of course, customers also have the option of buying a private IP connection in which case AireSpring’s on-net Service Level Agreements apply.”

The AireSpring VOIP product has been in beta testing since June, with thousands of channels already in service. Lonstein added that “AireSpring has designed flexible pricing choices offering extremely competitive rate structures in both a blended price format, as well as all the way down to the NPA-NXX-X level. We built the pricing with our customers’ needs in mind.”

AireSpring also plans to release a local PRI/T-1 trunk replacement product for any enterprise that owns an IP-enabled PBX and wants SIP T-1’s or PRI’s. “It gives them local dial tone with complete 911 and local dialing support,” he said. “What’s happening today is that many businesses have installed IP-enabled VOIP PBX’s, and then they are plugging in a traditional TDM PRI or T-1 to get to the outside world. It’s not efficient or cost-effective. Our solution allows them to leverage the value of the equipment they’ve invested in by using VOIP to access the PSTN for inbound and outbound calls, without the cost and complexity of converting their VOIP traffic to TDM first.”

For more information, contact Lanny Eule, VP Agent Sales, at 888-899-5839 ext. 229 or e-mail

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