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New Version Instant Proposal Software Is Leading Module in AgentStarEnd-To-End Agent Automation Suite

Los Angeles, CA – Dec. 18, 2007 – AireSpring, the reseller voted top agents’ choice in the telecom industry, today announced the release from beta of QuoteSpring 3.0, a major new version of their acclaimed instant proposal generator software. At a time when multi-carrier rate quoting has become a daunting complexity, QuoteSpring 3.0 is designed to dramatically simplify and speed up the entire process.

“QuoteSpring will transform the way business in the telecom field is conducted,” says Avi Lonstein, CEO of AireSpring, “because the #1 problem plaguing the industry is a complicated and sluggish quoting process. Slow quotes can kill a deal. And the best clients often demand customized solutions at multiple locations. Overlook a good deal and you’ve opened the door for your competitor. With QuoteSpring, our agents can confidently lay out all the best choices in minutes.”

QuoteSpring 3.0 is the culmination of an intensive eight month beta test in the field in which every aspect of how an agent develops quotes and proposals for clients was analyzed. The program is a simple to use web-based application enabling participating agents to swiftly access and customize quotes, commission rates, carrier comparisons, local coverage availability and much more. The results are packaged in a professionally prepared proposal that can be attached to an e-mail within minutes of the initial query.

Highlights of QuoteSpring 3.0:

  • Instant quotes from a broad range of carriers
  • Ability to quote multiple carriers with side by side comparisons of pricing, contract term, port rates, etc
  • Instant local coverage qualification
  • Full comparison of rates against commission tables (agent only)
  • Simultaneous Multi-location quotes
  • Personal database of all quotes accessible on line or exportable to a spreadsheet
  • Instant generation of a professional proposal presentation including customized data ready to print or send by e-mail
  • Integrates seamlessly with AireSpring’s AgentStar web-based suite of applications for end-to-end agent automation
  • Software suite is free to qualifying AireSpring agents

Microcorp’s Scott Eaton, VP Sales of the Georgia-based master agency, took note of the release. “Microcorp has been very pleased with the performance of the QuoteSpring system thus far. The new version 3.0 will only enhance the already robust capabilities of the site. Having the ability to quote across multiple underlying carriers and create a proposal quickly and efficiently is highly desirable to the agent community and will continue to provide huge benefits.”

Telecom Brokerage’s Tim Erdmann, the senior quoting specialist of the Chicago-based master agency, praised the program. “QuoteSpring is one of the best proposal tools out there. It sure saves me loads of time getting quotes out to our supporting agents. Because of all the options AireSpring has, you can compare all the underlying carriers with the term, the port rate and the LD rate on one screen and then put it all together and e-mail it to your customer in a really clean electronic proposal.”

For more information, contact Lanny Eule, VP Agent Sales, at 888-899-5839 ext. 229.

About AireSpring

Headquartered in Los Angeles, AireSpring is one of the fastest growing telecommunications carriers in the USA, with over 2 billion call records processed per year. AireSpring is a privately held, 100% debt free, diversified full service communications company offering a broad range of innovative services at competitive prices to corporate and residential customers nationwide. AireSpring’s national local service offering makes AireSpring the nation’s largest CVNO (CLEC Virtual Network Operator) and AireSpring has been mentioned in such publications as Business Week and the Boston Globe as one of the leading discount telecom providers in the nation. For more information, visit