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AireSpring Managed Connectivity Simplifies Multi-Vendor SoltuionsThere are a number of reasons why companies might consider using solutions from multiple vendors for their business communication needs. In theory, doing so allows organizations to cherry-pick the best product on the market at the best price for each task, while also avoiding putting all of their eggs in one basket.However, the risks of multi-vendor solutions far outweigh the benefits. The cost of ownership involved in multiple network management platforms, upgrades, and maintenance will quickly eat away at any savings. Furthermore, you have the headache of multiple implementation efforts for multiple services, multiple vendors, and multiple locations. When you run into issues with the solutions, you also have to deal with multiple providers and the resulting finger-pointing among them.
Fortunately, there’s a way to get multiple solutions with one vendor, one loop, one bill, and a single point of contact. AireSpring’s Managed Connectivity is a circuit with a known physical path from the customer premises to AireSpring’s cloud services via the underlying carrier and is available with Quality of Service (QoS).
Managed Connectivity truly reduces the cost of ownership to the end user by simplifying the vendor relationship. With only one vendor to deal with, implementation, management, and support become much easier and result in significant savings over time. Businesses can also use Managed Connectivity to ensure proper access to AireSpring’s cloud services as it delivers redundancy options for reliability and a known growth path for future expansion.
A big advantage of Managed Connectivity is that provides QoS for cloud services. What is QoS? Basically, it is a way to provide priority for some types of traffic over others. For example, the most common application of QoS is providing voice right of way over Internet traffic due to delays with voice being far more noticeable. However, that is not the only configuration available and any type of traffic can be prioritized over another based on your specific needs.
With Managed Connectivity, businesses get a known upgrade path with built-in flexibility, the ability to add services and QoS as needed, and multi-carrier redundancy, all with the simplicity of a single vendor.