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telephoneIf you work in a call center, then you already know having a feature-rich contact center solution is important. If you’re a manager, you’ll want features to help you manage your agents, and if you’re an agent you’ll want features to make your job easier. With all the contact center solutions out there—and all the features available—there is a LOT of terminology and jargon thrown around.When we started looking for a solid list of definitions, we realized that a lot of the terms weren’t really clear. So to make it easier for you, we decided to put in the work to define cloud contact center terms and ideas in a way that anyone could understand. Over the next several weeks we will be laying out definitions, examples, and images for you to expand your cloud contact center knowledge.
All of these definitions will be available in our eBook, Cloud Contact Center Terms Made Simple, coming soon.
This week, we start with outbound dialing technology. Read on!
Predictive Dialer AKA Are you there?
What It Is
A predictive dialer is an outbound calling feature that simultaneously calls lists of phone numbers searching for real, live people. Once a real person picks up on the other end, it will notify you and you can immediately start talking to a live prospect.
How It Works
So, for example, let’s say you administer surveys and you have a list of 100 numbers to call. Inevitably, not all of those numbers will lead to a real person. Some won’t answer, some might not even be real phone numbers, and some may have been disconnected. But you have to call all of them to find out, right? Not with a predictive dialer, you don’t. A predictive dialer will call the entire list for you, and only connect calls that have real, live people picking up. Skipping over things like answering machines, dodging fax machines, hanging up on busy signals, and wasting no time on un-answered calls, this modern day dialer makes sure you don’t have to waste your time listening to the phone ring.
Now before you leave this page and begin your Google search for the holy grail of dialers, note that because of the algorithmic nature of this dialer it’s only suited for teams of 10 or more agents. It really starts saving you dollars when used in large call centers of hundreds or thousands of agents. At this size a predictive dialer can literally save you days of work waiting on the phone.  If you make a ton of outbound calls, a predictive dialer is a great way to use your time more efficiently.
Progressive Dialer AKA Do I Even Want To Talk To You?
What It Is
Progressive Dialing is an outbound calling feature that dials numbers on a call list and only connects you to live prospects—similar to a predictive dialer. However, it will also show you information about those prospects to help you determine if you even want to complete the call.
How It Works
Progressive dialing works best if you have a big list of people to call, but only a few dedicated agents making those calls. So, for example, let’s say a company makes sales calls using a list of potential customers. A progressive dialer won’t just filter the calls based on live prospects, it will also filter the calls based on customer information from the list. Let’s look at a real life example of this in action. Boingo Springs and Things makes some of the world’s best spring mattresses. So naturally, they need to make sales calls to tell people about their amazing product.  But Boingo Springs and Things is a luxury mattress company and their mattresses are really expensive, so not everyone can afford to sleep on them.
With a progressive dialer, Boingo’s sales people can review potential customer leads and make sure that the prospect would even want to buy Boingo’s products before placing calls. If the number of a college student living in the dorm comes up, the sales agent will know not to waste time calling. Instead, that agent can spend their time only connecting with viable, well-matched leads.
Pro Tip
If the software is advanced enough, the progressive dialer can be programmed to match customers from call lists with sales agents automatically, so that the sales agents will only be shown leads that fit their subject expertise, native language, experience level, and so on. You really don’t want a Spanish speaking person connected to someone that specializes in German.
Preview Dialer AKA Psychic Dialer
What It Is
A preview dialer works just like a caller ID, but on outbound calls.
How It Works
Imagine you work for a sales team and your job is to cold-call potential customers from a big list. When you dial a number with a preview dialer, a profile associated with that number will pop up on your screen, providing you with information about the person you are calling. This is helpful for sales people because the more they know about the person, the easier it is to make a sale. But it’s not hard to imagine how this can be applied to other settings. For anyone making tons of calls every day, it helps to know who you are calling, who they work for, what they may be interested in, recent conversations, maybe even recent trouble tickets they have sent out. Really smart organizations that use modern relationship management tools are already benefiting from this technology.
Have a definition you’d like to see? Let us know! And we’ll be sure to add it to the list.