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For smaller enterprises, or for businesses with enterprising IT staff, Ethernet-based switched networking solutions can be an extremely cost-effective option for secure, low-latency connectivity.Ethernet Switched Network solutions (ESNs), such as AireSpring’s Ethernet Private Network, differs from traditional connectivity and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) as ESNs are data-link layer connections based on physical addressing. Many essential aspects of network connectivity solutions are superfluous when using ESNs, and in many respects, ESNs are among the simplest networks. As most enterprises use some form of Ethernet connectivity for their Local Area Networks (LANs), an ESN effectively expands the LAN, creating a Wide Area Networking (WAN) solution.
Unlike managed or network-based solutions like MPLS, which allow enterprises to outsource much of the routing and maintenance of the system to the service provider, Ethernet switched networks require a more active approach. An enterprise running an ESN must take direct responsibility and control over the routing and switching of data, and must also necessarily spend more time and resources retaining an IT staff that are also capable network engineers.
However, this control comes with built-in advantages, for organizations willing to roll up their sleeves and put in the work. Instead of relying on carrier-provided Quality of Service (QoS) options, in-house networking engineers can setup their own QoS and VLAN configurations by attaching the Ethernet switches directly – a powerful tool for ensuring low latency traffic with high bandwidth availability. With an ESN, engineers can use or create any of the necessary network tools needed to monitor and maintain the network. And, though they are not as broadly scalable as an MPLS network, Ethernet switched network solutions can still scale to accommodate hundreds of sites. Additionally, ESNs can also interconnect to Private Lines and MPLS circuits, as well as other Ethernet switched networks.
Nor is it necessary for enterprises to take all of the responsibilities on themselves, though ESNs are ideal solutions for those that wish to. Since the underlying physical infrastructure of the network is the same, regardless of whether it is a private line network or not, it is possible for AireSpring or other service providers to assist in the network monitoring and maintenance, assuming they are granted access to the network and the necessary network tools. For the case of AireSpring’s Ethernet Private Network, access can be provided over the public internet or a private network such as MPLS.
Assuming that the cost of maintaining a networking staff is not prohibitive, Ethernet switched network solutions are an extremely cost-effective option, giving enterprises the tools to monitor their networks, and the control necessary to ensure the network’s functioning.
For more information about Ethernet switched networks, and about AireSpring’s Ethernet Private Networking offering, click here.