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Cloud Hosted PBXCloud technology is becoming more popular among businesses as a way to accomplish many of the tasks they already do in a more efficient and cost effective manner. A cloud hosted PBX is one such technology, providing all the features of a traditional PBX without the need to purchase and store specific PBX hardware on-premises.
The demand for VoIP and cloud hosted PBX in particular is rapidly growing. A small business survey by VoIP and telecom technology company Software Advice found that well over half of buyers (57 percent) were looking to invest in VoIP service for the first time. Furthermore, none of the small business owners wanted to purchase a premises-based IP PBX. Of those surveyed, 77 percent wanted a web-based solution, while the remaining 23 percent did not have a preference.
Research firm Infonetics also forecasts continued growth for cloud hosted services as businesses turn to alternatives to legacy PBX.B In its Business Cloud VoIP and UC Services market size and forecasts report, Infonetics predicts that the hosted VoIP market will reach $12 billion in 2018 with 62.6 million seats in service. The firm highlighted broad adoption of hosted VoIP services among small, medium, and large businesses.
A further survey from Metaswitch Networks found that a combined 54 percent of the market was interested in IP communications, with 63 percent considering purchasing a service within the next two years.
The implication of these reports is clear. Businesses of all sizes are ready to make the transition from legacy on-site phone systems to VoIP and are looking to cloud solutions as the way to make the leap. A cloud hosted PBX removes much of the expense and the burden of managing the solution, which is ideal for organizations without large communications budgets and dedicated IT staff. There is no equipment to purchase, which means low or no capital costs. Instead, the service provider manages the equipment, which means they are responsible for maintenance and upgrades. Businesses simply have a monthly operating expense for voice and data.
The cloud-based setup also separates services from hardware for the customer, which makes it simpler to scale services for long term growth and allows for a greater level of reliability as the provider can offer carrier-class support and network redundancy beyond what a small business can implement by itself. Cloud hosted PBX offers greater business continuity as the crucial phone system hardware resides in a secure offsite facility, protecting it from harm and allowing for faster disaster recovery. As a further benefit, services are regularly updated to keep them current with new enhancements and the elimination of on-premises equipment means the system never becomes obsolete.
Demand for cloud hosted PBX is growing and it’s going to be bigger than ever in 2015 as more and more businesses transition to this advancing technology.