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Different generations communicate differently.Teenagers don’t communicate the same way adults do. And adults don’t communicate the same way the elderly do.I’m not talking about modern slang or old school manners.
Different age groups use different kinds of communication technology to connect with one another. We see this everywhere in daily life. You text your kids. You call your aging grandmother. And you email your work colleagues.
If people communicate differently with one another depending on age group, then it makes sense that companies should, too. For businesses that want to connect with their customers — from all age groups — they will need to adopt multiple forms of communication. This means that companies need to push their contact centers to start texting, calling, emailing, and posting on social media.
Curious about how each age group communicates? We created a set of infographics to show you what communication channels are preferred by different generations.


Millennials communicate with businesses through your website,via social media like Facebook and Twitter, email, and through your company’s app (if you have it). They will only call into your call center as a last resort.
millennials contact center


Generation X

Generations X doesn’t mind using the phone to call in to a call center, but will try web chat, email, or text messaging first.
baby boomers omnichannel


Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers like to call, but they are very familiar with email, so if the situation isn’t an emergency they will go ahead and email, as well.
baby boomer


Silent Generation

Born before the Second World War, these old-timers only use the phone. And not a smart one at that.
Silent Generation OmniChannel
Adopting the proper communication channels to reach your customers is critical. If you are using a contact center platform that does not allow you to communicate with your customers the way they want, then you’re losing client loyalty and potential revenue streams. Take a look at our contact center solution, AireContact, to see how it can help you connect with customers and improve your company’s contact center experience.