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Contact Center Customer ExperienceAll of us at some time have called a company’s customer service number and been greeted by an automated message stating that “your call will be answered in the order it was received.” The first come, first served approach is familiar and seems like a fair way to deal with the constant influx of calls into a contact center. However, this is not necessarily the most efficient approach or the best way to actually solve customers’ issues.Thanks to the advanced features and flexibility of modern contact center solutions, it is possible to match callers to a particular agent based on the content of the customer’s call. Contact center managers build a profile for each agent listing their specific skills or knowledge and this expertise is taken into account when calls are assigned by the automated call distribution (ACD) system. Thus, rather than simply sending a call to the next available agent, skills-based routing connects customer to the best agent for their particular need.
By routing customers to the best agent to answer their questions, contact centers can more efficiently handle call flow and provide an improved customer experience. Unlike the “order it was received” approach, in which a call may have to be transferred multiple times to reach the appropriate agent or department, skills-based routing delivers faster resolution. That’s a positive for both customers and contact centers.
In addition to skills-based routing, contact centers seeking to further ensure quick and effective resolution of calls must take advantage of available customer data. Contact centers typically have a wealth of data on customers from past interactions, yet often fail to make use of it. This may be because data is segmented by channel or simply not easily accessible for agents. Regardless, not making use of available information is a missed opportunity to further identify a customer’s needs ahead of speaking to an actual agent. By both routing calls to the most suitable agent and giving that agent data on the customer, contact centers can help customers get the speedy and successful assistance that they desire.
Though implementing such a setup can seem complex, the right contact center solution can simplify the process and make the payoff of increased productivity and greater customer satisfaction worth the effort.