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A recent State of the Cloud survey shows that 95% of enterprises have incorporated cloud into their business in some form or another. The reason for this is simple – reduced costs and increased agility.Cloud models allow enterprise businesses to quickly and easily scale, transfer operations between sites, and access business critical applications all while drastically cutting expenses.
However, the cloud comes with a catch – along with its benefits, this model introduces a new set of connectivity challenges. IT teams are responsible for ensuring security, performance, and compliance as company data and critical applications travel between the cloud and company sites.
Using the public internet to access the cloud is simply not an option if you want to protect and control your business communications. Between increasing cyber threats and unreliable performance standards, the public Internet is too unstable for the serious enterprise. Even if your enterprise runs on a private VPN or an MPLS network, you still cannot use external cloud applications without touching the public Internet at some point.
The only way to gain the benefits of cloud applications while ensuring performance, security, and reliability is to create a private connection between your network and the cloud.
AT&T NetBond
Perhaps the most robust solution for achieving private and secure connectivity to the cloud is AT&T’s NetBond service. NetBond has integrated several leading cloud providers into its own network infrastructure, meaning that customers connected to NetBond automatically gain private, secure, and reliable access to the best cloud providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, Cisco, and many more.
By integrating these cloud providers, AT&T has done the background work so that customers don’t have to. As long as you are currently connected to AT&T’s network via a private connection, you can benefit from this solution without installing new equipment or making network upgrades.

How AireSpring Customers Benefit
AireSpring is already plugged into AT&T’s network, meaning AireSpring customers gain the same advantage as AT&T customers. Of course, this only applies if you have an existing private network service from AireSpring. In addition to gaining access to 16 providers,  customers on the AireSpring network can also seamlessly connect to a variety of top tier cloud providers through AT&T NetBond