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      A growing proliferation of telecom providers are competing to establish a foothold in the Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) space by filling the need for cost-effective, self-manageable solutions. Many companies simply pack and ship out IP phones, then walk you through software downloads and configurations using an inexpensive, one-size-fits-all model that leaves an enterprise struggling to effectively manage and maintain secure, reliable communications. Plug-and-pray is often the business model that UCaaS providers adopt.
      Unfortunately, your IP phones and video conferencing are only as good as your internet connectivity and if you are using the public internet you will be at the mercy of how well it is performing for all businesses in your region. If you are using a broadband internet connection, broadband is a shared service and your business, as well as those around you who have contracted with the local broadband provider for business internet, will all be competing for usage of that connectivity at the same time. Many find that their sound quality degrades and suffers because voice and data is being transmitted over the same connection and the public internet isn’t automatically optimized to put voice packets ahead of data packets.

      What is “One Size Fits None?”

      Most UCaaS providers use a “one size fits all” approach and sell virtually the same solution with a similar set of features to all businesses. Although this may maximize their profitability in delivering UCaaS to the marketplace, it may not be the UCaaS solution most businesses need. AireSpring has a different philosophy, best described as One Size Fits None, employing an in-house UCaaS  design team to work with each  customer, designing every installation to precisely fit the needs of that particular enterprise. As a leading managed services provider of cloud communications and managed connectivity solutions, AireSpring provides its own managed circuit to deliver UCaaS over our advanced, nationwide, fully meshed network. In fact, AireSpring is one of the only carriers in the country that can eliminate all single points of failure from the datacenter down to the desktop.

      What’s the difference between AireSpring’s One Size Fits None experience and any other UCaaS provider’s service? The AireSpring approach means having a successful product that specifically supports your business. By contrast, most UCaaS providers are software companies, running service over the public internet and subject to degradation in voice quality. AireSpring’s managed circuit means we can configure it to prioritize voice packets ahead of data packets. We send a technician to the site to perform installation, test all phones and configure the LAN and the circuit to perfection. Your business enjoys cost-effective voice quality without delay or jitter.

      The Power of AireSpring and Its White Glove Service

      AireSpring’s ability to mesh multiple underlying networks into a single cohesive network combines with one bill, one point of contact, premium customer support and service to provide tremendous ongoing value. Treating every new order as a project, with an assigned project manager, project coordinator and managed services engineer, white glove service doesn’t stop after the customer is up and running as they are then assigned an  account and service manager for the life of their contract.

      While many providers simply ship a plug-and-pray hosted PBX box, AireSpring’s approach is ideal for more diverse, complex networks, excelling when there are multiple locations that need to be tied together, with additional products added on top. In turn, there are many different voice options with an all-SIP network, and with an ADTRAN  gateway, AireSpring can offer its AirePBX UCaaS product, voice as PRI, analog lines or SIP trunks.


      Combining customized UCaaS solutions with white glove service and a powerful network, connected to multiple carriers and providers coast-to-coast, AireSpring’s One Size Fits None approach opens the door to a valuable UCaaS  product that fits your business now, and adapts to the changing environment along with you.