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Call Center AnywhereAs contradictory as it might sound, one of the most important aspects of managing a call center is being prepared for the unexpected. No matter how smoothly things seem to be going, there’s always the possibility of a surprise waiting around the corner. Whether it’s a key agent being out sick, a sudden technical difficulty, or a larger disaster situation that prevents access to your office, you need to be ready for whatever comes your way.No matter what form it takes, all of these challenges represent a potential interruption of business continuity for your call center. If customers can’t reach your agents for sales calls or customer service inquiries, then they’re not going to stick around. You may not know exactly what is going to happen, but you can prepare your call center to be equipped to take it in stride. In order to be prepared to offer continuous service, you need a flexible solution that can adapt to changing circumstances. This is best achieved with a cloud-based contact center software solution.
Traditionally, call centers had to rely on premises-based solutions that offered little in the way of disaster recovery options. Since these legacy solutions are tied to a specific location, call centers that use them are at risk of being completely shut down by a disaster. Even in less serious scenarios, these on-site solutions lack the flexibility to bring in new or remote agents to account for someone being out sick or working remotely. As much of the country deals with severe snow storms this winter, wouldn’t it be nice to keep your agents connected and working?
A cloud hosted contact center solution is much more flexible and easier to work with as none of the crucial equipment is kept on-premises at your location. All that is required for agents to use the software is a computer, an Internet connection, and a headset. Not only does this simpler setup mean a much lower cost, it also means agents can work from just about anywhere.
If a disaster strikes, a cloud-based contact center solution provides your agents with the ability to easily work from an alternative location, whether it’s a different office or their homes. You can essentially set up a backup call center anywhere, without the need to duplicate expensive premises-based equipment. This flexibility also means you can quickly bring in remote agents temporarily to cover for anyone who is out sick or unavailable without a large expense.
There is no way to predict exactly what challenges your call center will face. What you can do is prepare to meet the unexpected with a cloud-based contact center software solution that delivers the flexibility and disaster recovery capabilities needed to ensure business continuity.