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      Effortless, 100% Guaranteed Do-Not-Call Compliance Throughout Your Enterprise

      Airespring Provides Multiple Solutions for Your Compliance Needs

      • Do Not Call Controls for marketing (voice and text)
      • Mobile blocking for marketing (voice and text)
      • Call recording
      • Call recording blocking for PCI-banking credit cards
      • Compliance notifications integrated into the call stream
      • Auto-integration with Texting – LIVE IN THE CALL. Talk and text at the same time
      • Automatic integration with customer relationship management (CRM) systems
      • Automated failover to recording – controlled by user –for each center; for each trunk; and for each Toll Free 8YY and telephone number (DID)
      • Automated failover to other locations or controlled by user – for each center, each trunk group, and/or each Toll Free 8YY and/or telephone number (DID)
      • TDM, MPLS, SRTP and TLS – every method you could need for secure calls options is available
      • Private, secure networks, including multiple options (IP-SEC, firewalls) for remote users and locations

      Airespring is a Top 25 carrier in the USA and provides the full spectrum of solutions for your compliance needs.

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      Gryphon Core Phone™ Delivers Full DNC Compliance

      Gryphon Networks‘ patented, multi-award-winning Gryphon Core Phone™ Do-Not-Call Blocking System is the first and only blocking product that automatically screens and blocks outbound calls in real-time against available federal, state, wireless, third party, and in-house Do-Not-Call lists within the network infrastructure of participating Gryphon Core Phone distributors via both SS7 and IP technologies. There is no logging in or logging off required. A subscriber’s agents and calling equipment simply access an outbound trunk and dial, and all numbers dialed are screened against their proprietary DNC database. If a dialed number appears in the database, then the call is blocked and a “restricted number” message is furnished. If the dialed number does not appear in the DNC database, then the call is processed accordingly. This process is unnoticeable to the caller or calling equipment.

      Dial with Absolute Confidence in Your Do-Not-Call Solution

      The federal and state governments have forcefully answered the cries of consumers throughout the United States with increasingly stringent and abundant guidelines to govern the telemarketing industry with regard to Do-Not-Call compliance. Gryphon Core Phone’s revolutionary network-based approach to the DNC dilemma empowers subscribers to meet the required levels of outbound compliance necessary to survive in today’s hyper-regulated calling environment, while upholding a consumer’s right to privacy. Subscribers dial with confidence knowing that they have the power to dictate outbound Do-Not-Call compliance enterprise-wide, including in a satellite office or outsourced call center, by screening all calls against the same web-based, customer specific, centrally administered, secure DNC database hosted on the private pages of Gryphon Networks’ website and managed by the subscriber on their own behalf. Gryphon Core Phone’s features and functionality, found on each subscriber’s proprietary web GUI interface, are abundant and specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the outbound telemarketing community with absolute ease.

      Designed to Meet the Needs of Today’s Complex Calling Operations

      The Gryphon Core Phone Suite of Services includes:
      • Do-Not-Call screening and blocking offered via participating Gryphon Core Phone distributors. Ideal for any company seeking to achieve the maximum in Do-Not-Call compliance as easy as lifting a telephone or starting a predictive dialer.
      • A dial-in option that uses a toll-free number and a pin code. Ideal for any size company that has individual agents making calls from multiple locations, including home offices and cell phones.
      • Allows subscribers to force access onto a participating carrier’s network using a carrier specific force access code or 1010 code. Ideal for subscribers that have dial-tone from non-participating carriers and are unable to fully migrate all facets of their calling operations to a Gryphon Core Phone participating carrier.
      • Service via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) carriers, predictive dialer companies, and CRM solution providers. Works on all VoIP telephones, MTA adaptors, and predictive dialers with secure VPN connectivity to our platforms and other IP applications. Ideal for any company looking to optimize an existing data network by utilizing it to meet their Do-Not-Call compliance needs.

      Features and Functionality

      • Automatic updates to available federal, state, and wireless DNC lists in accordance with update mandates
      • Selection and deselection of federal, state, and wireless DNC lists for subscribers that are exempt federally or on a state-by-state basis
      • Full add, delete, and modify capabilities of subscriber’s proprietary in-house list
      • Number overrides or the ability to allow calling to specified numbers that may appear on any observed Do-Not-Call lists
      • Print, save, search, upload, and download functionality for subscriber’s allow and disallow lists
      • Changes to allow and disallow lists are date stamped, as well as tracked with the user name of the administrator or user that made changes
      • Typically 15 minute updates on all subscriber generated changes to their proprietary DNC database
      • Searching mechanism that will report whether or not a number appears in the entire DNC database and, if so, where (i.e. allow list, disallow list, applicable state list, federal list, wireless list, etc.)
      • Add, delete, and modify the user profiles for all database administrators and users
      • Change password on a per administrator and per user basis
      • Display ANIs and AUTH Codes subscribed to Gryphon Core Phone
      • Display and modify location and contact information for any office subscribed to Gryphon Core Phone customized restricted number messaging
      • Data is archived online for 3 months (and by request thereafter)

      Top Benefits of the AireSpring Advantage

      Fully Managed Network with QoS
      Eliminate Finger Pointing Between Providers
      Largest Available Coverage
      On-Premises Enterprise-Grade Router/Gateway Included FREE
      Reliable and Diversified Network
      Free 24/7 Proactive WAN Network Monitoring Service
      Personalized Service
      Escalation List Up to Our CEO