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      AirePBX Cloud Business Phone System

      AireSpring’s award winning AirePBX™ Cloud Phone System delivers professional communications capabilities with enterprise class features, all while significantly reducing your communication costs. AirePBX is more than just another cloud phone system; it provides true Unified Communications (UCaaS) with powerful advanced features that let you communicate and collaborate from anywhere.
      AirePBX Cloud Business Phone System

      End-to-End Quality of Service

      While many cloud phone solutions leave you with no choice but to rely on the public internet, AirePBX offers fully managed connectivity over AireSpring’s owned and operated nationwide advanced IP network. Receive consistent voice quality with end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) and 24/7 network monitoring.

      Professional On-Site Installation Available

      AireSpring can configure your equipment and dispatch a trained technician to perform professional on-site installation and testing of IP phones, routers and switches to ensure that your communications system works perfectly.

      Work From Anywhere

      With AirePBX, you can work from your desk phone, smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, or laptop. Seamlessly switch between your office and mobile devices during live calls for ultimate unrestricted mobility.

      24/7/365 Network Monitoring

      With the AirePBX Cloud Phone System with managed connectivity, our Network Operations Team (NOC) monitors and manages your traffic 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We work to ensure that any potential issues on your network are pre-emptively identified and addressed before they affect your communications.

      We offer two product packages designed for distinct
      business needs, AirePBX Business and AirePBX Enterprise.

      AirePBX Business

      AirePBX Business contains everything you need in a hosted PBX solution, providing your office with consistent, high-quality communications at a competitive price.

      AirePBX Enterprise

      AirePBX Enterprise is built for businesses where employees need to be able to make and receive calls from anywhere, anytime. The MaX UC Mobile client allows for mobile productivity and a dynamic communications environment.

      Inbound ACD
      • Inbound Automatic Call Distributor, disperses incoming calls to contact center agents or specified employees using rule-based routing.
      Multi-Line Hunt Groups (MLHG)
      • Incoming calls to a single phone number are routed to a pre-defined group (hunt group), distributed through the group to find the next available line.
      Multi-Level Auto Attendant
      • Auto-receptionist with capability to connect to extension numbers, voicemail or outside phone numbers in the dial-by-name directory.
      Ring to All Devices
      • Simultaneously ring calls through to all devices tied to the number dialed.
      Re-direct Calls to Mobile
      • Seamlessly switch between your office and mobile devices during live calls for unrestricted mobility.
      Find Me/Follow Me
      • Advanced, customizable call forwarding. Incoming calls are routed to your pre-set list of phone numbers, either simultaneously or sequentially.
      • Click to place calls directly from your PC or other device.
      Unified Visual Voicemail
      • Easily manage voicemails using your online account through your desktop or mobile device.
      AireSpring Online Portal
      • CommPortal allows you to view and manage the configuration of your account.
      Outlook Integration
      • Seamlessly integrates communication functions with your Outlook contacts.
      HD Voice
      • Rule-based per flow load balancing. Packets of the same flow go over the same link.
      Per Packet Load Balancing
      • High Definition voice quality ensures clear conversations with less background noise.
      Conference Calling
      • Audio conference calling connects you instantly with up to 1,000 people and local dial-in support.
      Call Forwarding
      • Take calls any time, any place, with total transparency to the caller.
      Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Routing Support
      • Full routing support: BGP, Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), IPv6 and multicast.
      Blind/Attended Transfer
      • Easily transfer calls “blind” to a group or an individual without screening them first. Perform attended transfer by contacting the destination user to confirm they will accept the call before completing transfer.
      Internet FAX Number
      • Free fax numbers are provided for each seat. Gain the ability to send and receive faxes on any device.
      Live Call Transfer between Devices
      • Easily transfer between your desk phone, mobile phone or softphone.
      Team Presence
      • Check availability status of your co-workers, see if they’re on the phone, at their desk, etc. Set ‘Call when Available’ to automatically call when they are free.
      Internal Office Chat
      • Easily connect online in real-time from any device, to chat with co-workers, create teams and bring in remote workers.
      Hosted Soft Phone
      • Easily integrate your softphone to run on your computer as a program, with VoIP service.
      Mobile & Desktop App
      • Unified Communications enable unrestricted mobility whether working from desk phone, smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or laptop. Seamless switching between office and mobile devices during live calls.
      CRM Integration
      • Incoming calls automatically prompt CRM screen pops for instant review of customer information. Compatible with any major CRM including Salesforce and Sugar, with custom integration available.
      Local Call Recording
      • Use your MaX UC Desktop to start and stop call recordings, then save them to your local computer.
      MaX Meeting & Webinar (additional charge)
      • MaX Meeting is a total cloud-based conferencing application, available as an add-on with AirePBX Enterprise, built on a superior Enterprise Video Conferencing and Collaboration platform. MaX Webinar is an add-on to MaX Meeting, enabling shared video, audio and screen, plus ability to interact via Q&A, chat and polling questions.
      MaX SMS (additional charge)
      • MaX SMS is a Business SMS application that enables landline to mobile phone texting. The new product is available as an add-on to AirePBX Enterprise. AirePBX Enterprise customers using the MaX UC client can choose our “unlimited” SMS Option to send SMS messages directly from their MaX UC desktop (for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android). Users can also receive SMS responses within the MaX UC client. This optional feature can be added to any AirePBX Enterprise license for an additional fee.

      MaX Meeting & Webinar

      MaX Meeting, a 100% cloud-based conferencing application, is available as an add-on option with AirePBX Enterprise. Based on the industry leading ZOOM Video Conferencing and Collaboration platform, MaX Meeting provides a comprehensive collaboration environment that scales from SMBs to Fortune 500 businesses without the need to install any hardware infrastructure or applications onsite.

      A great complementary add-on to MaX Meeting, MaX Webinar is designed so that the host and panelists can share their video, audio and screen. Attendees can interact via Q&A, chat, and answering polling questions. MaX Video Webinars excel in quality, reliability, scalability, and affordability. Seeing the presenters makes a world of difference in building personal connections, engagement, and trust.

      AirePBX Call Center

      Strengthen your support and sales departments with the key features of an inbound call center.

      AirePBX Call Center is a hosted PBX Seat that provides your cloud phone system with the capabilities of an inbound call center at a fraction of the price.

      • Real Time Wallboard.

        Display real-time statistics on any large format monitor or TV.

      • Monitor, Whisper, Barge.

        Proactive supervisor monitoring and engagement of agent calls.

      • MLHGs and Business Groups.

        Expanded Multi Line Hunt Group (MLHG) functionality makes call routing easy.

      • Agent Dashboard.

        View calls in queue, wait time, and call details including originating queue.

      • Agent Activity Codes.

        Supervisors can manage and report on agent activities.

      • Call Disposition Codes.

        Display real-time statistics on any large format monitor or TV.

      • Ad-Hoc & Scheduled Reports.

        Automatically generated reports lets managers and executives make data-driven decisions.

      Reception Portal

      Make your reception unstoppable with the AirePBX
      Reception Portal.

      Reception Portal eliminates the hassle of using a physical sidecar to transfer, route, and organize calls in the office.

      • Reception Dashboard.

        Use the reception dashboard to route incoming calls and monitor calling activity.

      • Drag and Drop Calls.

        Transfer calls to specific agents simply by dragging and dropping.

      • Multi-line Hunt Groups.

        Use your existing AirePBX MLHGs to route incoming calls to specific queues or business groups.

      • Instant Messaging.

        Instant messaging capabilities allow for seamless attended transfers to agents.

      • All On One Screen.

        A single screen shows everything – incoming, outgoing, and live phone calls.

      Further enhance your communications potential with additional,
      optional add-on products for your AirePBX solution.


      Automatic Call Recording

      Automatically record and save all of your calls. Recordings can be easily reviewed and exported from our simple online portal.



      Send and receive SMS messages using your PBX number or short codes and respond using your email account.



      Dedicated AireFAX internet fax lines are now available. Send and receive fax as email from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

      Customers who choose AireSpring’s Managed Connectivity option
      enjoy the benefits of the AireSpring Advantage™

      White Glove Service

      Eliminate Finger Pointing Between Providers

      Largest Available Coverage

      Reliable and Diversified Network

      Free Advanced IP Desk Phones

      Escalation List Up to Our CEO