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      Layer 2 Dedicated Ethernet Connectivity

      Ethernet Private Networking

      Ethernet Private Networking

      For customers who are ready to take control of their network and
      get the most value for their money, Ethernet Private Networking
      from AireSpring is the answer. AireSpring provides a dedicated low latency data link connection based on physical addressing, ensuring
      fundamental network security and allowing customers to implement
      custom Quality of Service (QoS) settings over their own private
      networks. Ethernet Private Networking is configured on a case-bycase
      basis, providing personalized flexibility and scalability, all while
      maximizing bandwidth and savings.


      • Local Area Network to Wide Area Network Connectivity: Ethernet Private Networking smoothly integrates with existing LAN networks, allowing in-house IT staff to seamlessly link your customer’s locations together.
      • Low Latency: High capacity network ensures that the real-time transmission of business-critical applications, backed by a comprehensive Service Level Agreement.
      • Versatile and Flexible: Ethernet Private Networking is ideally suited to carry Internet Protocol-based applications and supports Hybrid Networking, giving your customers easy access to AireSpring’s award-winning MPLS Network and Cloud Communications Suite.
      • Customizable Setups: Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, or Multipoint configurations enable customers to connect their locations over a secure LAN, or route virtual private lines from remote locations to a single hub.
      • Reliability and Continuity: Ethernet Private Networking supports a full range of business continuity and failover options, with the flexibility to protect your customers.

      For more information, please contact AireSpring at 888-389-2899 or email

      Top Benefits of the AireSpring Advantage

      Fully Managed Network with QoS

      Eliminate Finger Pointing Between Providers

      Largest Available Coverage

      On-Premises Enterprise-Grade Router/Gateway Included FREE

      Reliable and Diversified Network

      Free 24/7 Proactive WAN Network Monitoring Service

      Personalized Service

      Escalation List Up to Our CEO