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      Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN simplifies operations, provides an optimal application user experience and delivers the lowest TCO of any SD-WAN solution.


      Many multi-location businesses find that their traditional wide area networks (WANs) are unable to scale to meet the bandwidth requirements of digital innovations (DI) such as cloud on-ramping, Unified Communications (UC), and videoconferencing and collaboration tools. These must-have technologies greatly increase traffic demands on the average enterprise’s IT architecture, causing performance bottlenecks as well as increased operating expenses (OpEx) since many organizations rely on multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) connectivity. Once the secure cutting edge-connectivity option of choice, we find MPLS cannot scale as quickly and affordably as SD-WAN. As a replacement for the traditional WAN, network engineering and operations teams are moving to software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WAN).

      But many SD-WAN solutions lack robust security, which leads to greater risk exposure and a higher total cost of ownership (TCO). Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN consolidates robust networking, routing, and security capabilities in a single-box SD-WAN solution.

      Fortinet Secure SD-WAN enables organizations to solve the secure communications problem for distributed locations quickly and easily. It is easy to manage, agile, reliable, flexible, and ultimately secure. Fortinet offers a custom-designed ASIC to provide the fastest application identification and steering in the industry, while providing connectivity and advanced security capabilities 10 times faster than the competition. Fortinet is the market-share leader in providing security solutions to the distributed organization.

      Simplifies Complex Operations in the Enterprise

      Fortinet Secure SD-WAN simplifies operations by consolidating various point products in a single solution for zero-touch installation with automated provisioning. This reduces risk, improves operations, and tightens security. Fortinet SD-Branch also decreases total cost of ownership (TCO) with one console instead of many, eliminating silos, and simplifying management for wired LAN/WLAN, SD-WAN, and security via a single pane of glass.

      Fortinet Provides Fully Integrated Security.

      Fortinet Secure SD-WAN helps Enterprise IT meet the challenges of higher complexity, rising costs and increasing cybersecurity risks. The solution delivers a consistent and agile network and security infrastructure that keeps up with today’s dynamic cloud environment across all the diverse clouds commonly used by enterprises today. With application-aware traffic steering and high-speed encryption, the solution leverages high bandwidth internet links to optimize spending on expensive direct connections.

      Enterprises can get robust security enforcement, ensure compliance, and operate a seamless network with uniform policies while providing end-users a reliable and superior application experience.

      AireSpring White Glove SD-WAN Professional Services
      • Includes implementation design and engineering
      • We will design (pre-sales), deploy (provisioning) and support (customer service/NOC) your SD-WAN solution at no additional cost. Plus we provide branch deployment support via pre-configuration of SDWAN edge
      Free Network Monitoring 24/7/365.
      • 24/7/365 real-time monitoring by the AireSpring Network Operations Center (NOC), using AireNMS.
      • Proactive ticket initiation, management and resolution by AireSpring NOC in the event of a network alert.
      Free 3rd Party Circuit Support
      • AireSpring will proactively open repair tickets on behalf of customers for their non-AireSpring, internetonly circuits. Not offered by many vendors. Only available at a premium cost by the few that do.
      Free Read and Write Access
      • Read and Write Access to Dashboard. Provides customers with configuration level capabilities to theirSD-WAN environment
      WAN Failover
      • Every Appliance supports multiple WAN uplinks with automatic failover for protection against connection outages.
      • Optional WAN warm spare failover ensures the integrity of service at the appliance level. In the event an appliance goes offline, a secondary device will automatically take over.
      3G/4G Failover
      • Traffic is automatically redirected to a 3G/4G interface in the event of a connectivity failure. Requires existing or new 3G/4G circuit (sold separately).
      Advanced Firewall and Unified Threat Management (UTM)
      • Next-Generation Managed Firewall with UTM features such as Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Web filtering, Anti-virus, Anti-Spam, Application control.
      • Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) – provides malware detection for latest emerging threats, eliminates threats by stripping active content from files in real-time, protects against latest botnets, and protects
        against the latest threats targeting mobile platforms.
      • SSL deep inspection unlocks encrypted sessions, sees into encrypted packets, finds threats, and blocks them
      • Control outbound and inter-network traffic using firewall rules.
      Maximum WAN Links
      • The maximum number of WAN uplinks supported
      4+ (depending on model)
      IPsec Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
      • Provides the ability to quickly interconnect locations via an encrypted connection over public networks.
      Traffic Shaping
      • Provides the ability to prioritize network traffic so that heavy-use applications or those requiring a significant amount of bandwidth to operate do not impact other users on the network
      Per Flow Load Balancing
      • Rule-based per flow load balancing. Packets of the same flow go over the same link.
      Priority Routing
      • Routes calls and other priority real-time application traffic over cleanest WAN connection to eliminate dropped calls, choppy sound quality and echoes.
      Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Routing Support
      • Full routing support: BGP, Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) and multicast.
      Bi-directional Priority Routing
      • Application link/route decisions are made at the premises and within the AireSpring core network
      Mix & match existing or new MPLS with your SD-WAN
      • Mix and match over 20 different vendors with multiple access types to create the optimal solution for your enterprise.
      Secure and Private Direct Connection to Most Major Cloud Providers
      • Connect privately and securely with full QoS to dozens of cloud providers, hundreds of datacenter providers, and thousands of SaaS providers
      DDoS Mitigation
      • Free DDoS Mitigation included with 3-year SD-WAN contract and AireSpring Gateway Access. DDoS Mitigation only provided on in-tunnel internet traffic traversing AireSpring Gateway Access.
      Access to AireSpring Gateway
      • Able to connect to the AireSpring Gateway