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      Protect your business from the unexpected

      Managed Failover Connectivity

      Protect Your Business from the Unexpected

      Unexpected network downtime can cost your business in many ways — from lost sales and productivity to frustrated customers who may never return.
      Whether the downtime is caused by an unusual event like a hurricane, tornado, flood or fire, or by a more common occurrence like a blackout, human error or a computer glitch, getting your network back up and running quickly can help you reduce the negative impacts of unforeseen events.
      Help ensure you’re prepared for the unexpected with AireSpring’s Managed Failover Connectivity, which provides a separate, redundant network connection in the event your primary connection fails. While the AireSpring Network already includes multiple levels of redundancy to ensure high availability for our Cloud and Voice Network or private MPLS Networks, Managed Failover offers an additional level of high availability connectivity at your location. And, AireSpring will work with you to ensure you have the level of Managed Failover that best fits your mission-critical business requirements.

      Connectivity Options

      • Failover to Public Internet: Use a public Dedicated Internet connection provided by AireSpring (or another vendor) as the failover from an AireSpring-provided Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) or Managed Connectivity connection.
      • Failover to AireSpring Managed Connectivity: Use another AireSpring Managed connection as the failover from an existing AireSpring Managed connection.
      • Failover to Private AireSpring MPLS Mesh: Use an AireSpring-provided MPLS connection as the failover from an existing AireSpring-provided MPLS connection.
      • Failover to Public Internet with IPsec VPN: Use AireSpring’s IPsec VPN Remote Access Service, together with a public Dedicated Internet connection provided by AireSpring (or another vendor) as the failover from an existing AireSpring-provided MPLS Connection.
      • Dual Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) Router: For ultimate peace of mind, add an extra level of protection by installing a redundant router.


      • AireSpring’s Managed Failover Connectivity will automatically detect access issues with the primary connection and route traffic over the redundant connection until service is restored to the primary connection.
      • AireSpring professionally configures the router, then manages and monitors your network with the help of our 24/7 AireNMS network monitoring service.
      • AireSpring Voice and MPLS services can also be configured to automatically failover.
      • Diversified connectivity options are available using a wide range of underlying vendors: Ethernet (copper and fiber), EOC, TDM, Cable, DSL and Wireless.

      Top Benefits of the AireSpring Advantage

      Fully Managed Network with QoS

      Eliminate Finger Pointing Between Providers

      Largest Available Coverage

      On-Premises Enterprise-Grade Router/Gateway Included FREE

      Reliable and Diversified Network

      Free 24/7 Proactive WAN Network Monitoring Service

      Personalized Service

      Escalation List Up to Our CEO

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