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      Prioritized IP for NNI Partners


      AireSpring’s MPLS Mesh product is available for wholesale network-to-network interconnection (NNI) partners who have established an NNI at one or more AireSpring hub locations. It provides individual customer access circuits that connect via the AireSpring MPLS Mesh network to the wholesale NNI partner’s NNI interconnection.

      • Best overall footprint
      • Offers multiple MPLS access providers
      • Standardizes port costs among providers
      • Includes Quality of Service (QoS)/Class of Service (CoS) at no extra charge
      • When included, AireSpring’s Secure Internet Access (SIA) service separates public Internet traffic from private MPLS-VPN WAN traffic to maintain the security of the corporate intranet while allowing users to access the internet
      • AireSpring managed router available
      • Free AireNMS™ 24/7 proactive WAN network monitoring service included when AireSpring managed router is provided

      Connectivity Options

      • Prioritized IP (with or without Secure Internet Access (SIA)): can be any bandwidth from 1.5Mb to 100Mb

      Note: This service requires an initial review by AireSpring Sales Engineering