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      AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN

      Combining the power of SD-WAN with the reliability of our Global Enterprise-Grade Private Network

      Global Managed SD-WAN

      AireSpring Global Managed SD-WAN frees enterprises from the complexities of procuring, deploying, monitoring, managing, and supporting SD-WAN and its many components. AireSpring transforms expensive, complex, and rigid legacy networks, into simplified, cost-efficient, agile, and performance-driven business solutions.


      AireSpring’s Global Managed SD-WAN delivers the benefits of SD-WAN with a global private network, bypassing the unpredictability of the public internet over long distances and providing a reliable, holistic network.

      The Power of AireSpring’s Global Managed SD-WAN is built on our strategic partnership with VMware’s SD-WAN by VeloCloud, named the leader in Global Managed SD-WAN in Gartner’s 2018 report on Critical Capabilities for WAN Edge Infrastructure. Built on the layered strength of this industry-leading SD-WAN solution with the power of the AireSpring Global Private Network, AireSpring’s Global Managed SD-WAN advances connectivity to a new level, taking down barriers that formerly challenged multi-national enterprises, solving problems like quality of service (QoS) over longer distances and regulatory restrictions in some geographic locations.

      The Value of AireSpring’s Global Private Network (GPN). SD-WAN relies on the internet to keep costs low and leverage its true benefits. At the same time, the internet can suffer from issues like latency, packet loss and jitter, problems that are aggravated with longer distances. Connectivity into certain geographic areas can be limited due to regulatory restrictions. All of these factors together can decrease the overall value of SD-WAN. AireSpring’s unique network architecture allows for a combination of Edge-to-Edge Utilizing Over the Top Dynamic Multi-Path Optimization (OTT DMPO) Tunnels with Edge-to-Edge via AireSpring GPN-Global Private Network POPs, for maximum deployment flexibility, along with powerful add-ons that help enterprises deliver applications faster and more consistently.

      AireSpring's Global Managed SD-WAN Advantage

      • Powered by VMware SD-WAN Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for WAN Edge Infrastructure
      • Fully-managed Layer 2 Global Private Network backed by a single -provider global SLA that replaces the inherent unreliability of long-haul public Internet, to reduce latency, packet loss, jitter and over-subscribed networks
      • Flexible network deployment options with managed hybrid network that combines AireSpring Global Private Network and last mile public Internet
      • PoPs geographically distributed across the world
      • Replace or augment expensive, capacity-constrained, and rigid legacy MPLS networks
      • Leverage powerful orchestration and management platform for deep granularity and improved control
      • Globally connect directly to multi-clouds and SaaS for enhanced application performance
      • Access highly-available, dedicated connectivity to-and-from locations in China
      • Leverage a single vendor to source, design, implement, monitor, and support, last mile Internet connections - globally
      • Proactive 24/7/365 NOC network monitoring and resolution support, covering all connectivity, whether provided by AireSpring, or other vendors