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AireSpring Managed SD-WAN Solutions

Optimize your connectivity with network-based, software-defined wide area networks

AireSpring Offers Multiple SD-WAN solutions

AireSpring Platinum SD-WAN by VeloCloud™

A best-of-breed solution, to ensure that you get the right SD-WAN package while taking advantage of superiorperformance, versatility and savings.

AireSpring Cisco® Meraki® SD-WAN with Firewall

An economical solution that provides standard SD-WAN functionality, and includes an integrated next-generation firewall to ensure your business is protected from external threats

Both these products deliver fully managed, easy-to-deploy solutions, including complete design engineering, dedicated project management and white-glove implementation and support from our team of technology experts. These two innovative and customizable packages help companies optimize their communications networks by leveraging advanced SD-WAN features and functionality together with AireSpring’s nationwide, reliable and diversified network and professional services.

Our Network Solutions Engineering team partners with you to determine the best SD-WAN package for your business. We help ensure that your custom policies are accommodated to help reduce potential gaps in security. Each SD-WAN appliance arrives on-premises preconfigured to meet your unique specifications, eliminating the need for expert IT staff to install, configure and manage the device.

KEY FEATURES & FUNCTIONALITIES BENEFITS AireSpring Cisco® Meraki® SD-WAN with Firewall AireSpring Platinum SD-WAN by VeloCloud™
AireSpring White Glove SD-WAN Professional Services
  • Includes implementation design and engineering. We will design (pre-sales), deploy (provisioning) and support (customer service/NOC) your SD-WAN solution at no additional cost. Plus we provide branch deployment support via pre-configuration of SD-WAN edge boxes.
Free Network Monitoring 24/7/365
  • 24/7/365 real-time monitoring by the AireSpring Network Operations Center (NOC), using AireNMS.
  • Proactive ticket initiation, management and resolution by AireSpring NOC in the event of a network alert.
Free 3rd Party Circuit Support.
  • 24/7/365 real-time monitoring by the AireSpring Network Operations Center (NOC), using AireNMS.
  • Proactive ticket initiation, management and resolution by AireSpring NOC in the event of a network
  • alert.
Free Read and Write Access
  • Read and Write Access to Dashboard/Orchestrator provides customers with configuration level capabilities to their SD-WAN environment.
WAN Failover
  • Every Appliance supports multiple WAN uplinks with seamless, automatic failover for protection against connection outages.
  • Optional HA warm spare failover ensures the integrity of service at the appliance level. In the event an appliance goes offline, a secondary device will automatically take over.
3G/4G Failover
  • Traffic is automatically redirected to a 3G/4G interface in the event of a connectivity failure. Requires existing or new 3G/4G circuit (sold separately).
Advanced Firewall and Unified Threat Management (UTM
  • Next-Generation Managed Firewall with UTM features such as Intrusion Detection & Prevention, URL Filtering, Anti-virus, Anti-Phishing and Advanced Malware Protection.
  • Comprehensive, multi-layered security that safeguards your network and data assets against viruses, malware and emerging cyber threats.
  • Control outbound and inter-network traffic using firewall rules.
Optional Next-Gen SonicWall Managed Firewall available
Maximum WAN Links
  • The maximum number of WAN uplinks supported.
2 6
IPsec Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
  • Provides the ability to quickly interconnect locations over inexpensive broadband circuits.
Traffic Shaping
  • Provides the ability to prioritize network traffic so that heavy-use applications or those requiring a significant amount of bandwidth to operate do not impact other users on the network.
Per Flow Load Balancing
  • Rule-based per flow load balancing. Packets of the same flow go over the same link.
Per Packet Load Balancing
  • Per packet load balancing sends packets in sequence alternately over the links. Load is evenly distributed over the links.
Optimized for Voice Circuits with Real-time Sub-Second Application Failover
  • Assures sub-second link failover during blackout conditions.
  • Routes calls and other priority real-time application traffic over cleanest WAN connection to eliminate dropped calls, choppy sound quality and echoes.
Forward Error Correction
  • Guards against poor internet quality even on a single WAN circuit, ensuring real-time applications such as voice and video are not affected by packet loss, latency and jitter.
Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Routing Support
  • Full routing support: BGP, Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), IPv6 and multicast.
Managed Internet Access/ Single Ingress IP
  • Although disparate internet links cannot guarantee Quality of Service (QoS) into a given premises, decisions can be made from a central anchor point based on utilization about the best link/route for an application flow to use.
Dynamic Path Selection/ Bandwidth Aggregation
  • The bandwidth of two or more connections is combined to provide a single connection. Traffic path is selected per packet based on loss, latency and jitter.
Bi-directional Priority Routing
  • Application link/route decisions are made at the premises and within the AireSpring core network.
Mix & match existing or new MPLS with your SD-WAN
  • Mix and match over 20 different vendors with multiple access types to create the optimal solution for your enterprise.
Secure and Private Direct Connection to Most Major Cloud Providers
  • Connect privately and securely with full QoS to dozens of cloud providers, hundreds of datacenter providers, and thousands of SaaS providers.
Free Flex Licensing
  • Customers are never forced to license more than what they need.
  • AireSpring’s flex pricing right-sizes SD-WAN licensing, resulting in 30% -70% lower SD-WAN costs.

Top Benefits of the AireSpring Advantage

Fully Managed Network with QoS
Eliminate Finger Pointing Between Providers
Largest Available Coverage
On-Premises Enterprise-Grade Router/Gateway Included FREE
Reliable and Diversified Network
Free 24/7 Proactive WAN Network Monitoring Service
Personalized Service
Escalation List Up to Our CEO