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Message BroadcastingMost of us are familiar with the experience of opening up our email and finding dozens, or even hundreds, of unread messages waiting for us. People just get too much email to read it all. If your business routinely sends emails out to customers, prospects, or other contacts, then you know how difficult it can be to get people to actually open your messages. Even if they do open it, chances are they won’t do more than glance at it before moving onto all of the other emails fighting for attention in their inbox.Rather than trying to come up with the perfect eye-catching image or subject line to grab a reader’s attention, there’s a better way to rise above the noise and ensure your message is heard. By using an outbound messaging solution, you can broadcast a recorded message via telephone to your contact list. This allows you to avoid getting lost in the deluge of email by directly connecting to the people you want to communicate with.
Political organizations frequently make use of this technology, but its uses aren’t limited to connecting with voters. Automatic message broadcasting can be used to send vital announcements about new products or developments to customers with a voice call that is more personal than blasting out another cookie cutter template email. Messages can also be sent internally to keep employees up to date with the latest news directly from the CEO or to communicate important alerts.
AireSpring’s AireBroadcast is a cloud hosted outbound messaging solution designed to help today’s businesses escape the deluge of email by speaking directly to the people that need to hear their message. Features such as +1 call forwarding let interested listeners quickly move from listening to a message to speaking to a live person for more information. By combining AireBroadcast with the AireContact cloud contact center software, organizations can further utilize robust dialer features as part of a comprehensive communications platform.
So if you’re looking for a way to avoid ending up in the unread folder with all the other emails, take advantage of outbound messaging solutions to make sure your message comes through loud and clear.