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      Your business success quite literally depends on a lifeline of reliable, cost-effective and secure communications for everything from voice to data to video.
      Business communications systems are becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, a trend fully expected to continue into the future. Small to medium-sized businesses and global enterprises alike are faced with the challenges of quickly adapting their communications response, particularly in the growing shift to cloud communications. At the same time, the cost of staffing an internal IT group or even a highly skilled individual who will stay up-to-date and manage evolving technologies is out of reach for many businesses.

      As a Managed Communications Provider (MCP), AireSpring is ideally poised to fill this growing technology gap. Going beyond the more limited scope of a managed services provider (MSP), a Managed Communications Provider (MCP) combines the power of managed connectivity with voice and data services, cloud communications and managed security, all wrapped in a managed services environment that allows for flexible, customized solution planning and advanced technology expertise to fit the needs of each enterprise.

      Managed Communications Providers vary in their capabilities, so take time with the help of your consultant to carefully compare products, services, and pricing. The ideal provider can address your key business needs with some or all of these benefits:

      Improved Connectivity & Reliability

      · Efficiently managing a secure, end-to-end network with active monitoring features; proactively reporting faults and incidents.
      · Accessing the Managed Communications Provider’s relationships with an extensive field of different suppliers for a vendor-neutral approach, to source the ideal mix of telecom and cloud services for your company’s needs.
      · Providing expert, professional technicians to monitor and troubleshoot systems as needed.

      Improved Cost Control & Productivity

      ·  Freeing up enterprise resources to remain focused on core business functions.
      ·  Reducing overall costs of managing fundamental enterprise infrastructure.
      ·  Bundling multiple vendor pricing for significant savings, identifying a different mix of vendors in varied locations.
      ·  Offering adaptability to add or remove services as business needs change and new technologies emerge.

      Improved Security

      ·  Adding more sophisticated next-generation firewall (NGFW) and Unified Threat Management (UTM) service to monitor and prevent possible intrusions or threats.
      ·  Ensuring data is secure, monitored and backed up to an independent, reliable server, possibly on an independent network.

      It is clear that increasing numbers of SMBs, as well as multi-location enterprises, are adopting a managed communications provider model to achieve effective, reliable cloud communications amid constant technological change. The trick is choosing the right one by matching your needs to the strengths of the provider.


      AireSpring’s Managed Communications Services Offer Cost-Effective, Reliable Security

      ·  Improved connectivity and reliability—AireSpring’s innovative, fully managed, owned and operated IP network provides end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS). Our network has the largest combined footprint in the USA. All services are delivered via a single vendor, so you avoid getting stuck in a finger-pointing contest between different providers when issues occur.
      ·  Improved cost control and productivity—Leverage AireSpring’s buying power to get better pricing than you can by going directly to larger carriers, especially for multi-location businesses that have to negotiate with more than one carrier. With AireSpring, you can access over 20 U.S. carriers and cable companies and see everything on a single bill, so your staff doesn’t have to waste time negotiating with different carriers, and reviewing and paying multiple contracts and bills.
      ·  Our fully managed, reliable, geo-redunant network with QoSProvides true diversity and supports disaster recovery options to ensure business continuity.
      ·  Improved Security—AireSpring’s Managed Firewall Security & Unified Threat Management offers industry-leading software with SonicWall’s newest Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS) hardware technology. Our staff has the needed expertise to secure your information assets 24/7/365 at a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT security team.
      ·  Premier support package—AireSpring’s White Glove Service includes personal project coordinators, customer service managers, and an escalation list that includes the phone number of our CEO.
      ·  Single point of contact (SPOC)—You have only one responsible vendor, one single point of contact and only one bill to worry about.

      If some or all of these key drivers resonate with your essential business challenges, AireSpring offers solutions that will increase your cost efficiency and free up staff at all levels to focus on growing your business. As the recipient of over 70 coveted industry awards, AireSpring continues to be one of the most recognized Managed Communications Providers, recently adding awards for Excellence in Customer Service, Communication Solutions Product of the Year, Innovation in SD-WAN Solutions and Overall Excellence in Network Infrastructure Innovation, among many others.

      For more information on AireSpring’s Managed Communications Services, contact your authorized AireSpring Partner or your AireSpring Account Manager at 888.346.3898 or by email.