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When it comes to partnering with a telecommunications provider, bigger isn’t always better. Though the advertising budgets of the industry giants may claim attention and brand awareness, you can’t buy reputation. That’s why it’s best to listen to the people that know: telecommunications professionals.The Telecom Association is a professional membership organization of thousands of dedicated individuals and telecom and technology vendors who help businesses with their telecom, internet, data networking, and technology integration needs.
In addition to their professional outreach, every year the members of the Telecom Association vote on the vendors that they choose as the best in the industry, in over 80 different categories. Looking over the winners, there are a number of commonalities that predominate:

  • Individual Support. An extremely important consideration for customers and vendors: Is the company I choose able to help when things go wrong? The days of selling just hardware or just connectivity are officially over, all of the most preferred companies buttress their offerings with additional services and support. Smaller, more agile companies are able to offer direct and personalized support, with the ability to quickly route internal resources to address immediate customer (and agent) needs.


  • Added Value. Tying into the importance of offering individual support, the Telecom Association members were decisive in their preference for avoiding middleman companies. Simply moving around other company’s circuits or products is not acceptable. All of the competitive enterprises now offer additional services like network monitoring, managed connectivity, and other important features that are now quickly becoming industry standards.


  • Proven Track Records. Telecommunications is a mature industry, and it’s difficult for startups to gain traction. However, simply being around for years and spending money is no guarantee of ability to deliver services. Thanks to word-of-mouth within the agent channel, it’s becoming harder and harder for companies to avoid the consequences of bad behavior. This year’s results are a strong indicator that no amount of money or promises can buy a good reputation.

Now in our 15th year of operation, AireSpring’s reputation and position in the industry has never been higher. Our unwavering commitment to quality and customer service did not go unnoticed by the Telecom Association, who honored us with an unprecedented 9 awards in this year alone.
When it comes to telecommunications, bigger isn’t always better. To learn more about Telecom Association Choice Awards, and the unique advantages AireSpring provides to our agents and customers, click here.