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Cloud Contact Center Managed ConnectivityBusinesses are experiencing significant cost savings as a result of migrating to the cloud, so it’s no surprise that call centers are also looking to make this transition. A cloud hosted contact center solution can deliver the anticipated lower cost, as well as greater flexibility and advanced features to improve efficiency. However, one aspect of cloud software that customers and service providers frequently overlook is cloud connectivity.In many instances, businesses use the public internet to access their cloud-based contact center services. This approach can result in issues that undermine the benefits of using cloud software. After all, a suite of advanced features won’t make a difference if your communication services depend on a connection that is beyond your control. Even a service level agreement (SLA) cannot ensure quality or reliability, or prevent latency, across the public internet. The end result is poor call quality and unreliable service. Because internet access is often provided by a different vendor than the cloud software, businesses must also deal with the complexities of getting support from multiple vendors and the usual finger pointing that can occur.
Fortunately, these challenges can be overcome by using a private managed connection for cloud hosted contact center solutions. Managed connectivity avoids the public internet by providing fast, secure, and reliable services on a private network. Unlike a connection over the public internet, managed connectivity offers superior ROI and can improve performance by providing Quality of Service (QoS) for exceptional audio quality and network monitoring to identify problems before they affect critical services.
Customer and agent satisfaction are essential to the success and productivity of a call center and so it is also important to understand how connectivity affects these factors. If customers are unable to reach a business for assistance, or if any personal information they share is not protected, then they are unlikely to stay loyal. Therefore, using a reliable and diversified network, with the inherent security of a private managed connection, is crucial to keeping customers safe and happy. Agents too are happier with a service that is fast and doesn’t require a lot of effort from them to manage. When managed connectivity is obtained from the same provider as the cloud contact center software, then complexity is further reduced as there is a single point of contact for all services.
Together, a cloud hosted contact center solution and managed connectivity form a complete end-to-end package that improves call center performance and delivers greater customer and agent satisfaction.