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Predictive DialerCloud-based contact center solutions are packed full of features designed to offer better customer care, improve agent productivity, and increase revenue for call centers. For contact centers making outbound telephone calls, one of the most important tools they can put to work for them is predictive dialer. Correctly used, this tool can save time and money by connecting agents only to the calls that count.Most outbound call centers are generally working from a list of prospects. Rather than have an actual person manually dial each number on the list, a dialer is often used to call each one and connect the call to an agent. However, even with automated dialing, a lot of time is still lost due to agents having to deal with answering machines and engaged or disconnected lines.
A predictive dialer offers a smarter method of calling prospects. This tool both dials and monitors how outbound calls are answered, which allows it to screen out calls that don’t reach a live person and only connect the ones that do to an agent. The result of this is that contact and connect rates improve as agents spend less time on unanswered calls and focus on genuine opportunities.
In addition, the implementation of predictive dialer can be used by a cloud-based contact center to reduce costs and optimize operations. Specifically, contact centers can quickly and efficiently process call lists, including prequalifying leads without the need for a human agent. These lists can then be handled more cost effectively by fewer agents, as only calls that are answered will be passed onto an agent.
By further combining predictive dialer capabilities with Do Not Call lists, it’s possible to nearly eliminate wasted calls and see vastly higher call completion rates. This feature is essential for outbound call centers seeking to optimize their operations and just one of the powerful dialer tools offered with cloud-based contact center solutions.