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AireContact Predictive DialerA predictive dialer is an essential tool for improving productivity in your call center. This software is used to eliminate lost time and improve productivity for agents. Consider how long it takes agents to dial numbers one at a time. Not only does this take a while in itself, but time is also lost because not every call is picked up. Even when calls are picked up, there is a delay between when the number is dialed and when it is answered. While each delay may only be 10 seconds or even less, that number adds up across multiple agents making hundreds of calls per day.Predictive dialers provide a solution that enables call centers to take back this lost time. By using statistical algorithms, predictive dialer software minimizes the time that agents spend idle. There are multiple factors that have to be accounted for by the software, including the average number of rings before a call in answered, the connect rate per number of calls dialed, average length of each call, and much more.
Obviously, trying to account for all the factors to maximize efficiency could easily eat up all of a call center’s time just by itself. Fortunately, predictive dialer software does it all automatically. For example, if typically only a third of all calls dialed actually get through to an actual person, then the dialer might call three numbers and only pass the one that connects to a live agent. The software automatically detects busy lines, answering machines, and unavailable numbers and moves onto the next number on the assigned list to further minimize lost time.
The advantages of using a predictive dialer are significant. Outbound call center operations are much more efficient as a result of using this software and agent productivity greatly increases. Because the system is automated and easy to use, even inexperienced agents can benefit from using it. Predictive dialers can also incorporate Do Not Call lists to help keep your call center compliant with regulations.
The AireContact cloud hosted contact center software solution is an ideal way to implement a predictive dialer as part of a comprehensive call center platform. This setup enhances the already substantial benefits of a predictive dialer with additional features such as real-time call monitoring that allows supervisors to see agent performance and other data crucial to productivity. Record, listen, whisper, and intervene functions let supervisors coach agents on live calls to ensure calls are handled not just efficiently, but effectively as well. Personalized support and a 24/7 network monitoring service help resolve issues quickly in the unlikely event that they occur.
For all these reasons and more, call centers can benefit dramatically by using predictive dialer software as part of a cloud contact center solution.