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      Managed Wireless WAN

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      AireSpring’s Managed Wireless WAN is a fully managed service combining 4G and 5G wireless connectivity, reliable wireless equipment, and an advanced Single Pane of Glass management portal, all seamlessly integrated to provide a complete Wireless WAN solution for network failover and primary connectivity needs.  Our team of network and wireless experts will configure the appropriate wireless device, manage implementation, and provide 24/7 support with proactive monitoring, alerting, and remote troubleshooting.

      Use Cases

      Use cases include wireless failover for SD-WAN and primary wireless connectivity, as well as short term or temporary solutions.  A wide range of plans across multiple network providers allows for maximum flexibility, including unlimited plans, high usage plans, and pooled plans, covering both 4G and 5G networks.

      AireSpring’s Managed Wireless WAN Benefits


      Fully Managed Solution

      Rely on a single vendor for a complete end-to-end service.


      24/7 Proactive Monitoring

      Your devices and network connections continuously monitored and proactively managed.


      Advanced Portal

      AireSpring’s management portal provides near real-time granular visibility and control of every device and connection.


      Reliable, Managed Devices

      AireSpring configures and manages highly reliable 4G and 5G wireless devices offered by Peplink and other leading wireless vendors.



      Fully managed, highly reliable wireless devices from Peplink and other leading wireless vendors


      24/7/365 real-time monitoring


      Proactive ticket initiation, management and resolution


      Data usage analytics and reporting


      Bulk SIM activations and management

      Single Pane of Glass Visibility and Management Portal


      Identify Usage Issues

      Rapidly identify anomalies and issues at locations, including high usage and low usage triggers.


      Single Pane of Glass

      Improve visibility and management through a single plane of glass environment.


      SIM Management

      Enables a consistent process and experience to manage plans and devices – individually or in bulk.



      Utilize powerful tools to transform data into insights, visualize historic data, and define patterns and trends with predictive capabilities.


      Notifications/Anomaly Detection

      Receive near real-time device and usage anomaly detection daily or immediately via text or email, depending on the rules you establish.


      Unlimited Parent/Child Relationships

      Set up and manage hierarchies including lines of business subsidiaries, geography, department, etc.

      Premier Connectivity Plans




      High Bandwidth


      Unlimited 5G



      Fully Managed and Configured Solution


      All plans include fully managed devices from Peplink and other leading wireless vendors.


      We will design, deploy, and support your Wireless WAN solution.


      24/7/365 real-time monitoring by the AireSpring Network Operations Center (NOC), using AireNMS.


      Proactive ticket initiation, management, and resolution by the AireSpring Network Operations Center (NOC) in the event of a network alert.

      Selected Wireless Devices


      Peplink Max BR1 Mini

      With a sleek design and a high-quality ruggedized build, the Cat 7 Max BR1 Mini is engineered to take on any deployment scenario.


      Peplink UBR Plus

      With 2 LTE Modems, 4 SIM slots and a built in eSIM, connecting to two carriers at the same time or failing over between carriers is easily accomplished with UBR Plus.


      Peplink Max BR1 Pro 5G

      The BR1 Pro 5G includes a new a generation multi-core CPU that ensures delivery of gigabit speeds over 5G networks.

      For more information, please contact AireSpring at 888-389-2899 or email


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