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      Optimize Your Connectivity

      AireSpring Managed SD-WAN

      Optimize your connectivity with software-defined wide area networks

      An increased use of cloud applications, video and voice is driving demand for more reliable, high-performance bandwidth. Traditional WAN network solutions cannot scale as quickly, are not cost-effective, and become too complex to manage efficiently. SD-WAN technology utilizes bandwidth more efficiently and economically, lowering your costs and increasing application and network reliability and performance. AireSpring’s Managed SD-WAN package delivers a best-of-breed solution, to ensure that you get the right SD-WAN package while taking advantage of superior performance, versatility and savings.

      A variety of options let you choose the connectivity that is right for your business.

      AireSpring’s Managed SD-WAN package delivers an enhanced, fully managed solution, including complete design engineering, dedicated project management and white-glove implementation and support from our team of technology experts.

      This innovative and customizable package helps companies optimize their communications networks by leveraging advanced SD-WAN features and functionality together with AireSpring’s nationwide, end-to-end managed connectivity and professional services.

      Our network Solutions Engineering team partners with you to determine the right sized SD-WAN package for your business.

      Unlike many one-size-fits-all solutions on the market today, you never pay for more than what you need. We also help ensure that your custom policies are accommodated to help reduce potential gaps in security. Each Managed SD-WAN appliance arrives on-premises preconfigured to meet your unique specifications, eliminating the need for expert IT staff to install, configure and manage the device.

      SD-WAN can enhance your internet connection by using low-cost, public broadband or internet connectivity to expand your bandwidth with active/active routing.
      AireSpring's DDoS Mitigation Service adds a layer of defense to your network.
      Elegant Failover and Failback lets you leverage session load balancing and automatic failover to avoid outages. Use the QoS engine to set application priority and slow down lower priority traffic so user congestion is reduced.
      SD-WAN makes it possible to deliver voice effectively over the public internet.
      SD-WAN offers the ease, flexibility, and control of centralized configuration. Gain access to your entire WAN, see network performance, and increase network visibility with centralized WAN management.
      Accommodate and respond to rapid business growth by quickly deploying new branches or connecting remote locations to your central headquarters without the longer installation times that can come with traditional WAN solutions such as MPLS.
      With SD-WAN gateways installed throughout AireSpring’s core network, you are able to fully mesh and interconnect your SD-WAN with a wide range of AireSpring solutions including MPLS, UCaaS, SIP Trunking and Internet.
      SD-WAN’s centralized, cloud-based software reduces the costs of provisioning, maintenance and local network staff and simplifies branch-office networking.
      A unified policy framework enables SD-WAN to orchestrate custom policies virtually across an unlimited number of branches from an intuitive, single pane of glass management control portal.
      Mix & match existing or new MPLS with your SD-WAN, and/or connect any carrier or circuit over multiple transport types (Ethernet, Fiber, Broadband, LTE, EOC, TDM and more) via AireSpring's NEtwork.
      • Mix and match over 20 different vendors with multiple access types to create the optimal solution for your enterprise.
      No one carrier can provide this level of diversity. Most only provide access to their own network.
      FREE DDoS Mitigation Services on VMware SD-WAN in-tunnel AireSpring IPs.
      • AireSpring’s DDoS Mitigation service adds a layer of defense to your network, protecting against HTTP fl oods, volumetric attacks, and bot-orchestrated fl ood attacks.
      Not offered by many vendors.
      Free Network Monitoring 24/7/365.
      • 24/7/365 real-time monitoring by the AireSpring Network Operations Center (NOC), using AireNMS.
      • Proactive ticket initiation, management and resolution by AireSpring NOC in the event of a network alert.
      Not offered by many vendors.
      Free 3rd Party Circuit Support.
      • AireSpring will proactively open repair tickets on behalf of customer for their non-AireSpring, internet-only circuits.
      Not offered by many vendors. Only available at a premium cost by the few that do.
      AireSpring Platinum Professional Services: White Glove SD-WAN.
      • Includes implementation design and engineering. We will design (pre-sales), deploy (provisioning) and support (customer service/NOC) your SD-WAN solution at no additional cost.
      • Branch deployment support via pre­configuration of SD-WAN edge boxes.
      No major vendor includes this level of pre- and post SD-WAN implementation support and service. Others charge a premium for this level of support.
      Free Flex Licensing.
      • Customers are never forced to license more than what they need.
      • AireSpring's flex pricing right-sizes SD­-WAN licensing, resulting in 30%-70% lower SD-WAN costs.
      Other vendors charge for all traffic resulting in unnecessarily oversized and over-licensed SD-WAN deployments.
      Free WRITE Access to SD-WAN Cloud­Based Orchestrator's "single pane of glass view."
      • Provides customers with configuration level capabilities for their SD-WAN environment at no additional cost.
      Write access is not offered by many vendors today at any price.
      Free READ Access to SD-WAN Cloud-Based Orchestrator's "single pane of glass view."
      • AireSpring offers free READ access to a sophisticated SD-WAN web-based portal.
      • Provides customers with deep monitoring visibility into their SD-WAN network at no additional cost.
      Requires additional charges.
      Maximum availability with maximum WAN uplinks.
      • Up to 6 WAN uplinks available
      Not offered by many vendors.
      Secure and private direct connection to most major cloud providers.
      • Connect privately and securely with full QoS to dozens of cloud providers, hundreds of datacenter providers, and thousands of Saas providers.
      Not offered by many vendors.
      Multi-vendor SD-WAN solution.
      • Not all SD-WAN vendors are created equal.
      • AireSpring works with multiple SD-WAN vendors and does not sell a one-size fits all solution but instead architects a best-of­breed SD-WAN solution based on customer needs and situation.
      Most vendors only offer one SD-WAN technology.
      Unique AireSpring Escalation List up to CEO level
      • We're so confident in our ability to properly design, deliver and support our solutions that the buck stops with our CEO
      No other major carrier offers this service.

      Top Benefits of AireSpring's Managed Services

      Fully Managed Network with QoS
      Eliminate Finger Pointing Between Providers
      Largest Available Coverage
      On-Premises Enterprise-Grade Router/Gateway Included FREE
      Reliable and Diversified Network
      Free 24/7 Proactive WAN Network Monitoring Service
      Personalized Service
      Escalation List Up to Our CEO