Transforming Enterprise Network Technology Management

An Innovative IT Service Management Platform with AIrePOD Dedicated Tier 3 Engineers & World-Class Support

AireSpring’s proprietary AI-powered IT service management (ITSM) platform, AIreCONTROL, provides 360 degrees of complete visibility and control, unifying every process, device, circuit, and data point into a single cloud.

AIreCONTROL provides a complete solution to help you reduce vendor sprawl and avoid the confusion and finger-pointing that can occur. It is also fully integrated into AireSpring’s unique AIrePOD personalized service and support model. With AIreCONTROL, you get better oversight of your network, security that gives you peace of mind, and more control over your systems.

Our AIrePOD Dedicated Tier 3 Engineers respond to your problem within 10 minutes. Our dedicated experts always stay in communication with you and make sure you have full support during the entire process, from design and deployment to installation and management. 

All Your Information Delivered in

AIreCONTROL delivers real-time information for every site and every data point globally—all under a single pane of glass.

With all your information centrally located, AIreCONTROL makes it easy to view in-depth analytics, manage billing, and make routing changes when you need them.

Simplify Network Management

AIreCONTROL is AI-powered, cloud-based, and tracks every part of the customer lifecycle, giving you complete visibility and the ability to streamline your network management. It also includes a total inventory of all customer equipment, circuits, and IP blocks.

All Your Managed Global Internet
Providers on One Platform

With AIreCONTROL, you can view and manage all your carriers globally, whether it’s Fiber, Ethernet, Cable, Broadband, 4G/5G/LTE, Fixed Wireless, or Satellite.


AIreDESIGN helps you strategize and design your network. With our certified network architects, security experts, and customized network architecture diagrams, you have everything you need to accurately plan and execute a network strategy that works for your business, no matter how many locations you have or where you operate.

We ensure your network deployments happen flawlessly. From our team of dedicated Project Managers and Tier 3 Managed Services Engineers to on-site technicians and a dedicated escalation SWAT team, AireSpring’s AIreDEPLOY has all the expertise and tools you’ll need for a successful deployment.

Replace reactive, legacy support with AireSpring’s dedicated Tier 3 Engineering AIrePOD. Your AIrePOD stays with you from start to finish, helping whenever you have an issue or a question. With AIreSUPPORT, someone is available to assist you within 10 minutes of opening your case, ensuring a fast resolution time.

AireSpring offers 24/7/365 real-time monitoring of every device, circuit, and service through our geographically diverse network operation centers (NOCs). AIreMONITOR relieves the burden of monitoring your network and makes sure your business stays up and running.

AIreALERT keeps you on top of any changes to your network, 24/7/365. Get instant alerts, omnichannel alerts, customized alert configuration, and email and text alerts. Group alerting capabilities also make it easy to keep your team updated with the latest information.

AIreAUTOMATE offers AI-automated case creation to ensure quick and accurate resolution of issues. Cases are opened instantly and automatically assigned, with immediate action taken. Nearly 100% of all cases are opened proactively thanks to AIreAUTOMATE.

AireSpring’s AI-powered analytics offers granular insights and details, including top application usage and bandwidth overutilization. AIreANALYTICS also provides analysis of security issues and threat vectors, ensuring your security posture is always maintained.

Capabilities of AIreCONTROL

Pulls detailed insights and analytics

Manages performance at each site

Creates end-to-end, automatic support tickets

Reviews site health

Implements real-time routing changes

Manages invoicing and payments

Tracks order status and project management

Tracks inventory

Monitors your whole network

Customizes omnichannel incident alerts

Customizes support workflow

From Network Design to Installation and Support

Best Platinum SLAs in the Industry

Your AIrePOD Dedicated Tier 3 Engineers respond to your problem within 10 minutes. Our dedicated experts always stay in communication with you and make sure you have full support during the entire process, from design and deployment to installation management.

When it comes to escalations, human intervention is almost always required. AireSpring’s dedicated escalations team members are deeply knowledgeable about complex policies and procedures as well as internal software. When issues arise, our Escalation SWAT Team goes to work exclusively on your behalf to escalate, drive, and resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

Along with an escalation list that goes up to the CEO, we also have the best SLAs in the industry:

Escalation to Senior Management within 2 hours

One hour change management

Next day equipment replacement

Auto-support cases opened within 10 minutes of alarm

A Streamlined Network with 360 Degrees of Visibility

Backed by our award-winning customer service and broad range of industry-leading managed solutions, AIreCONTROL provides full visibility and control, eliminating the need to use multiple programs and platforms to manage your network. For more information, contact us today.

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Steve Pasmanik

Steve Pasmanik is a highly accomplished, forward-looking business professional with a progressive and diverse background encompassing Operations, Sales, Strategy Development, Marketing, Customer Care, and Product Management. He currently leads AireSpring’s Service Delivery and Service Assurance teams. Prior to joining AireSpring, Steve enjoyed a wide-ranging career with AT&T where he held various management leadership positions. Steve served as Assistant Vice President for AT&T’s Partner Solutions Team where he led their multi-billion-dollar service management organization across the Alliance, ACC, AT&T Partner Solutions and Wholesale division in support of AT&T’s post-sale indirect organization. Previously, Steve served as the Assistant Vice President for AT&T’s Centralized Sales Operations Team for Global Business Solutions. Steve also led the governance and operational management for the 6,000+ employee sales organization overseeing sales operations for $40B+ of annualized revenue. Prior to this assignment, Steve led AT&T’s Premier Client Groups Sales Operations and Channel Marketing, AT&T’s Select Sales Performance and Effectiveness Organization.

Mike Chase

Mike Chase serves on AireSpring’s executive team in the role of Senior VP of Solutions Engineering. He is a telecom veteran with deep expertise in advanced SD-WAN networking and related technologies. Mike leads AireSpring’s Solutions Engineering team which serves as a full-service network engineering resource to our channel partners and their enterprise clients. Mike brings experience across a vast portfolio of other telecom/VoIP, networking, datacenter and cloud services enterprises. He has over 25 years of experience designing complex datacenters worldwide during his work with such firms as Wells Fargo Bank, IBM, Mobil Oil Corporation, Union Oil, LA Cellular, Capitol Records, Equant, AT&T, Broadcom, Experian, tamCloud, dinCloud and others. In addition, Mike, also known as Dr. Cloud, is a published author of many online magazine articles, columns and blogs. He holds 20+ industry certifications, such as the prestigious Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE# 7226), Linux LPIC3, VMware Certified Professional (VCP #26676) and others, along with a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree in law from California Southern University. He previously co-founded and was former CTO of several cloud ventures, including one of the first Cloud Service Providers (CSP) to offer hosted virtual desktops worldwide.

Ellen Cahill


Ellen Cahill is a strategic marketing expert with more than 20 years of proven results in the technology and software industry. She has served as Vice President of Marketing for Natural MD Search, VP of Product Marketing for IT Security provider Beyond Trust, and VP of Marketing for mobile solutions provider Thinque. Ellen is accomplished in relaunching acquired companies under new corporate brands to accelerate revenue and integrating products lines into existing product portfolios. She is recognized as a highly savvy marketing guru with specialties including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud computing, enterprise software, product marketing, lead generation and social media.

Rod Rummelsburg


Rod Rummelsburg brings extensive experience in intellectual property, corporate and commercial Law, litigation and alternative dispute resolution to AireSpring including over 15 years of managing the transactional, litigation, negotiation and IP/patent needs of several domestic and international telecommunications and Internet companies.   Mr. Rummelsburg has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in multimillion dollar litigation matters in California, numerous state and federal courts and various appellate courts including the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal.  As in-house counsel at American Tower Corp. (NYSE: AMT), formerly Interpacket Networks, Inc., Mr. Rummelsburg managed telecommunications, regulatory, and legal issues for subsidiaries and customers in approximately 125 countries.  Additionally, Mr. Rummelsburg has negotiated and structured telecommunication deals with numerous foreign government-owned utility companies.  Mr. Rummelsburg is admitted to practice law in all federal and state courts in California and is a registered patent attorney with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.   Mr. Rummelsburg has a comprehensive understanding of all phases of software development, having worked for many years at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, TRW and Hughes Aircraft designing and developing software communications and information systems.  After earning a BA from UCLA, Mr. Rummelsburg graduated with honors from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA with a MS in Computer Science and earned a J.D. degree with honors from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, CA.

David Lonstein


Mr. Lonstein previously ran the Customer Service Division at ADDTEL Communications and has 20 years of experience in all aspects of the telecommunications industry, including customer service, repair, and product management. Since joining AireSpring, he has been deeply involved in the company’s growth as the Director of Customer Service and later the Vice President of Carrier Relations. In his current role as Executive Vice President of Product Management, Mr. Lonstein oversees product development and management, special pricing, and the QuoteSpring proposal generation pla