Global SD-WAN, SD-Branch,
SASE & Security

Global Networking and Security for Multi-Location Enterprises

At AireSpring Global, we offer a comprehensive range of networking and security services tailored for global, multi-location enterprises.

VMware and Fortinet SD-WAN

AireSpring Global offers comprehensive SD-WAN, SD-Branch, SASE and Security solutions that leverage best-of-breed technology providers including VMware SD-WAN and Fortinet SD-WAN, SD-Branch, SASE and Security. Key aspects of these solutions include dynamic multi-path optimization, application optimization and performance, cloud-delivered network services, security integration, and centralized management.
Our team at AireSpring is dedicated to assessing your specific networking and security requirements, helping you select the most suitable SD-WAN solution based on your needs for performance, security, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Global SD-WAN

Implementing a Global Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) offers substantial value to enterprises operating across multiple locations worldwide. 

Here’s a breakdown of the key advantages:

Enhanced Performance and Productivity

Optimize network traffic for improved application performance.

Cost Savings and Efficient Resource Utilization

Reduce costs by intelligently managing network resources.

Centralized Management and Control

Streamline operations with
centralized administration.

Agility and Scalability for Business Growth

Scale your network quickly and efficiently.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Ensure a secure network with integrated advanced security features.

Optimized Cloud Connectivity

Seamlessly integrate cloud services for efficient access.

Resilience and Business Continuity

Ensure continuous operations with automatic failover.

Our Global SD-WAN solution aims to provide optimized performance, cost-efficiency, centralized management, security, scalability, and resilience, contributing to the growth and success of your global business.

Fortinet SD-Branch

SD-Branch extends software-defined networking principles to branch offices. Fortinet’s SD-Branch solution offers a unified platform that integrates networking and security services, aligning with modern networking trends and security requirements for organizations with distributed branch office networks.

Here’s a breakdown of the key advantages:

Integration of Networking and Security

Simplify branch infrastructure by integrating networking and security functionalities.

Secure SD-WAN Functionality

Ensure secure and efficient traffic optimization across WAN links.

Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) Capabilities

Protect the branch office network from evolving cyber threats.

Secure Wireless Access Points (APs)

Provide secure wireless connectivity and access control.

Centralized Management and Orchestration

Simplify policy enforcement and management across branch locations.

Zero Trust Security Model

Implement strict access controls to enhance overall security posture.

Compliance and Reporting

Demonstrate adherence to regulatory requirements with detailed reporting.

Scalability and Flexibility

Easily accommodate additional branches or users as your organization grows.

High Availability and Redundancy

Ensure continuous operations and business continuity at branch locations.


Our managed SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) service provides global network connectivity and secure access for users, regardless of their location, to applications and data, delivered as an all-in-one managed service.

SASE is a cloud-native security framework that combines network security and wide area networking (WAN) capabilities.
AireSpring Global offers SASE solutions to provide secure and scalable network access from anywhere, on any device, and at any time.

SASE simplifies security and network management while ensuring consistent protection for remote and distributed workforces.Wide range of physical edge device connectivity options
to match your enterprise bandwidth and application
data traffic requirements

Fortinet SD-WAN and Next Generation Firewall Solutions

Fortinet offers an integrated SD-WAN and next generation firewall (NGFW) solution known as FortiGate Secure SD-WAN.

Here are the key features:

Integrated Security

Fortinet FortiGate combines SD-WAN functionality with robust security features, including next-gen firewall, intrusion prevention, antivirus, and web filtering, ensuring a secure network.

Application Steering and Optimization

FortiGate SD-WAN optimizes application performance by dynamically selecting the best path based on application type, ensuring consistent and reliable connectivity.

Centralized Management and Control

Fortinet’s solution allows centralized management and monitoring of the entire network, making it easier to enforce security policies and manage SD-WAN settings from a single console.


By combining SD-WAN and security features into a single solution, Fortinet offers a cost-effective approach for organizations, minimizing the need for separate hardware and streamlining network management.

Zero Trust Security Model

Fortinet follows a Zero Trust security model, ensuring that all traffic, regardless of source or destination, is not trusted by default, enhancing security posture, and protecting against evolving cyber threats.

Everything You Need to Ensure Security and Performance at the Branch.

From the enhanced performance of Global SD-WAN to the peace-of-mind that comes with SASE and Security, AireSpring offers a range of global solutions to meet your multi-location needs. For more information, contact us.

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Steve Pasmanik

Steve Pasmanik is a highly accomplished, forward-looking business professional with a progressive and diverse background encompassing Operations, Sales, Strategy Development, Marketing, Customer Care, and Product Management. He currently leads AireSpring’s Service Delivery and Service Assurance teams. Prior to joining AireSpring, Steve enjoyed a wide-ranging career with AT&T where he held various management leadership positions. Steve served as Assistant Vice President for AT&T’s Partner Solutions Team where he led their multi-billion-dollar service management organization across the Alliance, ACC, AT&T Partner Solutions and Wholesale division in support of AT&T’s post-sale indirect organization. Previously, Steve served as the Assistant Vice President for AT&T’s Centralized Sales Operations Team for Global Business Solutions. Steve also led the governance and operational management for the 6,000+ employee sales organization overseeing sales operations for $40B+ of annualized revenue. Prior to this assignment, Steve led AT&T’s Premier Client Groups Sales Operations and Channel Marketing, AT&T’s Select Sales Performance and Effectiveness Organization.

Mike Chase

Mike Chase serves on AireSpring’s executive team in the role of Senior VP of Solutions Engineering. He is a telecom veteran with deep expertise in advanced SD-WAN networking and related technologies. Mike leads AireSpring’s Solutions Engineering team which serves as a full-service network engineering resource to our channel partners and their enterprise clients. Mike brings experience across a vast portfolio of other telecom/VoIP, networking, datacenter and cloud services enterprises. He has over 25 years of experience designing complex datacenters worldwide during his work with such firms as Wells Fargo Bank, IBM, Mobil Oil Corporation, Union Oil, LA Cellular, Capitol Records, Equant, AT&T, Broadcom, Experian, tamCloud, dinCloud and others. In addition, Mike, also known as Dr. Cloud, is a published author of many online magazine articles, columns and blogs. He holds 20+ industry certifications, such as the prestigious Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE# 7226), Linux LPIC3, VMware Certified Professional (VCP #26676) and others, along with a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree in law from California Southern University. He previously co-founded and was former CTO of several cloud ventures, including one of the first Cloud Service Providers (CSP) to offer hosted virtual desktops worldwide.

Ellen Cahill


Ellen Cahill is a strategic marketing expert with more than 20 years of proven results in the technology and software industry. She has served as Vice President of Marketing for Natural MD Search, VP of Product Marketing for IT Security provider Beyond Trust, and VP of Marketing for mobile solutions provider Thinque. Ellen is accomplished in relaunching acquired companies under new corporate brands to accelerate revenue and integrating products lines into existing product portfolios. She is recognized as a highly savvy marketing guru with specialties including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud computing, enterprise software, product marketing, lead generation and social media.

Rod Rummelsburg


Rod Rummelsburg brings extensive experience in intellectual property, corporate and commercial Law, litigation and alternative dispute resolution to AireSpring including over 15 years of managing the transactional, litigation, negotiation and IP/patent needs of several domestic and international telecommunications and Internet companies.   Mr. Rummelsburg has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in multimillion dollar litigation matters in California, numerous state and federal courts and various appellate courts including the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal.  As in-house counsel at American Tower Corp. (NYSE: AMT), formerly Interpacket Networks, Inc., Mr. Rummelsburg managed telecommunications, regulatory, and legal issues for subsidiaries and customers in approximately 125 countries.  Additionally, Mr. Rummelsburg has negotiated and structured telecommunication deals with numerous foreign government-owned utility companies.  Mr. Rummelsburg is admitted to practice law in all federal and state courts in California and is a registered patent attorney with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.   Mr. Rummelsburg has a comprehensive understanding of all phases of software development, having worked for many years at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, TRW and Hughes Aircraft designing and developing software communications and information systems.  After earning a BA from UCLA, Mr. Rummelsburg graduated with honors from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA with a MS in Computer Science and earned a J.D. degree with honors from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, CA.

David Lonstein


Mr. Lonstein previously ran the Customer Service Division at ADDTEL Communications and has 20 years of experience in all aspects of the telecommunications industry, including customer service, repair, and product management. Since joining AireSpring, he has been deeply involved in the company’s growth as the Director of Customer Service and later the Vice President of Carrier Relations. In his current role as Executive Vice President of Product Management, Mr. Lonstein oversees product development and management, special pricing, and the QuoteSpring proposal generation platform.

Tony C. Lonstein


With over 30 years experience in international trading, Mr. Lonstein was the former co-founder and Chairman of ADDTEL Communications. Mr. Lonstein was responsible for the overall strategic direction for ADDTEL. Mr. Lonstein was involved in extensive negotiations with major carriers, including AT&T and MCI, as well as with major customers, which included such company as Earthlink Network. Mr. Lonstein’s prior experience includes the complex structure of several multinational trading agreements, as well as international import/export and commodities trading.

Russ Shipley

Russ Shipley is a seasoned leader in the industry with 35+ years of experience. Prior to joining AireSpring, Russ held a variety of executive positions at TPx (formerly TelePacific), most recently serving as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Prior to assuming the COO role, Russ  served as the Executive Senior Vice President of Wholesale, Engineering and Operations and Network Services at TPx,  providing senior leadership at TPx for over 15 years. Before to joining TPx, Russ served as President of Wholesale, Chief Network Services and as New Technology Officer at Mpower Communications Corporation. Russ has also held several leadership positions with Global Crossing, Frontier Corporation and Rochester Telephone Corporation with a dedicated focus in service, operations, engineering, technology, construction, sales, and business development groups. Russ holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and an MBA with a concentration in Operations Management from the University of Rochester.

Arno Vigen


Mr. Vigen has 30 years of experience in financial and executive management positions, including as the Chief Operating Officer of Justice Technology, which was named the Inc. 500 Winner for #1 Fastest Growing Private Company in the USA 1999. He also served as the Vice President of Finance for GSM and national carriers overseas. Mr. Vigen oversaw acquisitions by IDB Communications of FTC Communications – France Telecom (USA) and World Communications (formerly part of ITT – International Telephone and Telegraph), as well as the sale of IDB itself to LDDS.

Daniel Lonstein


Daniel Lonstein is responsible for the day-to-day operations of AireSpring, including the sales and marketing of its award-winning cloud communications solutions. He possesses extensive experience in the sales process both inside and outside of the communications industry. Since AireSpring was founded in 2001, Mr. Lonstein has consistently anticipated and led the transition from legacy services to VoIP and cloud solutions. Mr. Lonstein draws upon his over twenty-five years of experience in the telecommunications and high tech industries to create cutting edge products, direct sales and channel programs, and the operational teams necessary to support the delivery of mission critical products and services to small businesses and Fortune 100 brands alike in the highly competitive Unified Communications and Contact Center industries.
In his position at the forefront of change in the industry, Mr. Lonstein has participated in multiple panels and published numerous articles on the latest products and technology trends in the US and abroad. He has lived and worked in Japan, Israel, and South Africa. Prior to AireSpring, Mr. Lonstein was co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of ADDTEL Communications and has previously held positions at On Target Market Research and Tel-Aviv based USTM Partners, as well as consulting for various international telecommunications conglomerates on how to export high tech and telecom products to the US.