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      POTS Replacement Solution Powered By AT&T

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      POTS Replacement Solution Powered By AT&T

      As plain old telephone service (POTS) lines continue to be phased out, enterprises need alternative connectivity options for their analog specialty and voice line applications. The POTS Replacement Solution powered by AT&T is designed to streamline analog voice and move specialty lines, including voice and alarms, to the cloud. The solution also provides access to wireless services as a backup option.

      Before POTS Replacement

      Image Source: AT&T

      After POTS Replacement

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      A cost-effective solution for POTS replacement

      • Converts traditional landlines to IP using an existing broadband connection
      • 24/7 monitoring of connections and performance
      • Reliable service and voice quality
      • Professional installation by an AT&T technician
      • AT&T 4G LTE and 5G cellular emergency backup
      • Highly secure and reliable network
      • Includes an AT&T Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) -Data Remote (DR) 9010- 2 lines/DR 9090-8 lines

      Voice Features

      • Unlimited domestic local/long distance
      • Auto attendant
      • Voicemail
      • Music on hold
      • Call forwarding and handling (simultaneous and sequential)
      • Caller ID
      • E911
      • Call transfer
      • Hunt groups and call queues
      • Call blocking, 3-way calling, customized greetings

      Emergency Backup

      A 12-hour internal battery and access to a wireless network keeps you connected through an outage.


      Encrypted calls and access to voice and call management enables you to securely manage every call.

      24/7/365 Support

      Seamless implementation and support from start to finish with AireSpring’s premium design and engineering services, as well as 24/7/365 network monitoring, all at no additional cost.

      Manage your connections with the POTS Replacement Solution powered by AT&T


      Voice services




      Burglar and fire alarm


      One-number dialer line




      Emergency call box


      Gate Access

      The CDS – 9090 Appliance

      AT&T Advanced CDS-9090 is an analog telephone adapter (ATA) designed to directly replace wireline analog POTS lines and provides a variety of options for connectivity. Dial tone-based circuits can use Advanced CDS-9090 for connectivity for any application requiring a legacy wireline. Transmission options include the ability for both cellular data channels and other alternative internet access pathways. An internal 12-hour capable battery is included.

       The AT&T Advanced CDS-9090 makes it easy for various combinations of wireline to be carried over flexible combinations of WAN/ LAN/LTE cellular data network, including in-band voice, machine to machine (M2M) data, DTMF signaling tones, analog data modem tones, FAX and alarm system signals (all previously connected to the PSTN).

      Supported Services

      • Voice over IP via LTE
      • FAX
      • Multi-protocol support for fire and security alarms
      • Auto-dial call boxes (ring down)
      • Legacy analog data support for a wide variety of FSK enabled modems
      • Point-of-sale terminal
      • M2M and SCADA vending machine communications
      • ATM machine data line
      • Utility automatic meter reading
      • Band 14 option


      Managed Connectivity

      Cloud Business Phone System

      Voice & Data Services

      Cloud Contact Center

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